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3 BAD Excuses For Putting Off Siding Installation

March 8, 2024

At RGS Exteriors, We Know That Sometimes
Your New Wasatch Front Siding Can’t Wait

Here Are 3 TERRIBLE Excuses For Putting
Off Your Siding Installation Project.

Your siding is both a critical layer of protection for your Wasatch Front home and an aesthetic feature that gives it character. That’s a pretty big job for one material.

That’s why it’s so important to replace your siding when the time comes with long-lasting, eco-friendly, and ever-durable James Hardie siding.

It will provide fare MUCH better against the elements than vinyl or aluminum and will keep your home looking great for DECADES to come.

That’s why you shouldn’t wait around and make excuses if your siding is due for replacement.

#1: Waiting Until Next Year (Even Though It’s Already Deteriorating)

With any home upgrade, there is always the temptation to put it off until next year…even though it probably needs to be replaced NOW.

This isn’t something you should risk if you live in the Salt Lake City area.

A full year of harsh winds, hail, thunderstorms, snow, and more can cause a LOT of damage to your home if it’s not properly shielded from the elements.

You’re better off installing new siding now, so your home will be watertight and secure–whatever the weather brings.

James Hardie fiber cement siding has a lifespan twice as long as other siding options, an excellent product warranty, and a level of durability that is virtually unmatched.

That means you won’t have to replace your siding again for a VERY long time.

#2: Don’t Want To Deal With The Hassle & Stress

Having work done on your home brings a stress that no Wasatch Front homeowner loves. In fact, due to bad home contractor experiences, some homeowners avoid exterior remodeling work at all costs.

While understandable, this is NOT a good idea if you have siding that needs to be replaced.

Plus, if you choose RGS Exteriors for your siding installation, you can cut your stress and frustration down to zero.

Our Process for exterior remodeling is so careful and precise, you will hardly notice our presence. As for our installers, they’re the most respectful, well-vetted professionals you’ll ever work with.

#3: Don’t Want To Dip Into Savings To Pay For It

Exterior remodeling projects can get expensive, and siding is no exception.

A lot of homeowners in the Salt Lake City area will wait MUCH longer than they should to replace their damaged siding in the interest of preserving their savings.

Not wanting to spend the money is reasonable, but with a flexible financing plan you can install your new siding now without having to pay a large sum all at once.

In fact, you will likely be able to make monthly payments without having to dip into savings AT ALL.

Plus, with our financing plans, you can pay zero interest for as long as 24 months, so you won’t have to spend an additional dime to receive financing.

So–while there are plenty of things to avoid, putting off replacing your old siding is no longer something to excuse.

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