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3 Boxes To Check Before Buying Replacement Windows

March 1, 2024

Don’t Buy Your Wasatch Front Replacement
Windows Until You’ve Considered The Facts

Choose A Trusted Brand, Vet Your Installers
& Make Sure Your Home Is Prepped.

If you’re a homeowner in Salt Lake City, you’re going to have to replace your windows–no ifs, ands, or buts.

That said, not all replacement windows or installers are the same, so it helps to know that you’ve done the research and found the best option for you.

Here at RGS Exteriors, we know the window business like the back of our hand, so we’re here to share our knowledge.

By taking a little time to vet your Wasatch Front contractor and research your replacement window options, you can save yourself money and frustration.

#1: Research Window Products & Warranties

Finding the right style of window is easy enough, particularly if you are not going to modify the existing space, but a lot of people pretty much stop there when considering their options.

The truth is there can be an ENORMOUS difference when it comes to the expected lifespan of your windows as well as energy-efficiency and overall performance.

That’s why we exclusively install triple-pane windows, which are better able to keep your family warm in the winter and your energy bills low.

Our versatile array of vinyl window options can mimic the look of various types of wood grain and come in a variety of colors.  Whatever your aesthetic preferences, we have you covered.

As for Warranties, everything we install comes with a 10-Year Everything warranty, AND a lifetime warranty that is transferable if you sell your home.

# 2: Vet Your Installers To Make Sure They’re QUALIFIED

Even if you have the highest-quality triple-pane windows, a sloppy installer can render them no better than your old windows.

Why is that?

Because being off in your measurements, skipping vital steps, or failing to properly seal your windows will let in cold air and RUIN your home’s energy-efficiency.

That’s why we take a detail-obsessed approach to window installation.  We train, and train, and train our installers until they have 100% mastered our meticulous standards.

This ensures you get dependable, energy-efficient replacement windows with warranties to give you DECADES of peace of mind.

#3: Check If Any Other Repairs Must Be Done & Get Prepared

Oftentimes, homeowners wait until their windows REALLY need to be replaced before they call us.  This means there are often other issues–ranging from the major to minor–that may need to be taken care before or after we install your new windows.

The most urgent is damage that will lead to mold or other deterioration, but some homeowners choose to replace their siding at the same time as their windows to minimize inconvenience.

Whatever is necessary for your exterior project, we will give you the information necessary to be fully prepared.

At RGS Exteriors, we are window replacement experts obsessed with providing Only The Very Best for our Wasatch Front customers

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