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3 Things Contractors Get WRONG With James Hardie

February 27, 2024

Here Are 3 Things Contractors Frequently
Get WRONG When Installing James Hardie.

James Hardie Siding Is An EXCELLENT
Material For Wasatch Front Homes…
IF It’s Installed Correctly

It’s no secret that James Hardie siding is one of the best materials you can install on your Wasatch Front home. The only problem: your contractor MUST install it correctly or you won’t reap any of the benefits of this wonderful exterior product.

When installed improperly, you can wind up with a voided warranty, siding that FALLS OFF, and gaps in your home’s exterior protection.

That’s a shame because when it’s installed right, James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the longest-lasting, best-performing siding materials on the market today.

#1: Failing To Follow The Instruction Manual To A “T”

There are times in life when you can skim the instructions, and things will turn out “okay.” James Hardie siding installation is NOT one of those times.

No, with James Hardie you either do it by-the-book or not at all.

It’s also not a siding installation project you can trust to a beginner. It’s one that you should entrust only to skilled, meticulous professionals.

Fortunately for the homeowners who choose RGS Exteriors, we’re Obsessed With Details.

Our installers are HIGHLY trained professionals who have learned the proper James Hardie installation process from start to finish.

In fact, we’re even one of James Hardie’s Elite Preferred Installers, making us among the best of the best who install the product.

#2: Failing To Completely Remove The Previous Siding

One of the easiest ways to completely MESS UP your James Hardie siding project is to fail to remove all of your previous siding and any necessary flashing material.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, we’ve seen homes where the previous contractor failed to completely remove the layer of siding underneath.

In addition to being lazy, this can cause problems with your NEW siding. Most importantly, it may not be able to properly adhere and could even leave your home exposed to the elements.

In some cases, your siding can even FALL OFF your home if not adhered properly. This can be dangerous as well as unsightly.

That’s why Our Strict Process involves fully removing your old siding and properly adhering the new. That’s the ONLY right way to install James Hardie.

#3: Improper Installation VOIDS Your Warranty

One of the most frustrating outcomes of a botched James Hardie installation is that it voids your warranty.

While voiding ANY warranty is frustrating, it’s especially bad for something as long-lasting as James Hardie.

Homeowners expect to get DECADES out of their James Hardie siding, and usually that’s no problem.

That said, unexpected things happen, and it’s always better to have your warranty intact and handy for when and if you need it–even up to 40 years down the line.

At RGS Exteriors, we take warranties seriously. Even though you’ll hopefully never need to make use of it, having your James Hardie warranty intact can give you peace of mind.

We also offer our own 10-year warranty for an added layer of coverage.

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