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Best Value Beats Best Price In Home Remodeling

April 11, 2023

Low Prices Will Never Get You The Best Value
In Utah’s Exterior Home Remodeling World

We Work Hard To Give You The Most Bang For
Your Buck On Every Home Renovation

We admit it – we lose more exterior home renovation projects based on cost than for any other reason.

But we’re OK with that.

We’d rather lose some jobs than agree to do shoddy work.

That’s what many Utah homeowners don’t understand. When you get a crazy-low quote, it’s a promise to either do bad work, use substandard materials, or both.

At RGS Exteriors, we refuse to do either.

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The Difference Between Price And Value

We’ve all heard the old joke. Good, fast, and cheap – pick two. While you may chuckle, that joke is based on an age-old truth.

It may be possible to drive down the price of any remodel, but you do so at the cost of quality. You can also speed a project along, but you’ll need to sacrifice the build quality to make it happen.

At RGS Exteriors, we place quality above cost (value over price) every time.

When you speak of price, there’s no wiggle room. To offer the lowest price, a home contractor must use poorly-trained labor and low-quality materials or risk taking the job at a loss.

Sure, you get an ultra-cheap home renovation, but it likely won’t hold for more than a few years.

When you speak of value, the focus widens and allows for considerations other than price.

Concerns like material quality, installation methods, and warranties can now come into play. Budget, of course, rules all other considerations, but when you focus on value, you can make better decisions and get the most out of your money.

Maybe you can’t swing the James Hardie siding and its lifetime warranties, but quality vinyl siding with a warranty nearly as strong will give you the best value within your budget. Our consultants are experts at finding ways to fulfill your goals while staying within your budget.

And with our top-notch installation crews and advanced warranties, you know your project will look great for decades to come.

Vetted Products Guaranteed To Last

When you work with a contractor that’s affiliated with the manufacturers they sell, you know that every piece in your exterior home remodel is designed to last. There’s a reason James Hardie can make demands on contractors and grade their skills – their product is the best you can buy.

They can afford to be picky about who installs their product because nearly all contractors are anxious to join their ranks.

At RGS, we can afford to think the same way about the products we carry. Just as James Hardie doesn’t want to risk their reputation with a bad contractor, we can’t put our reputation at risk with a bad product.  

Every level of our product line had been vetted for durability, longevity, and beauty. The only time we stray from certain portions of a product line is when we use materials we build in our custom metalworking facility.

But it’s not just the showroom pieces that we ensure are the best. We use better underlayments and trim than most manufacturers call for and even use the special nails preferred by Hardie.

If there’s something we can do to improve the service we give our customers, we’ll do it every time.

Warranties Are Promises

While many exterior home contractors treat warranties as dares, we consider ours to be promises. While some treat them as the most you can expect, our guarantees are the absolute minimum you should expect from your remodel.

So, absolutely anything we can do to make our projects outlast their amazing warranties – we do.

For example, using special paper is recommended where siding seams meet, but we’ve noted that the paper can move around and tear. So, we use sheet metal instead. It blends better with the look of the siding and will never tear.

Does it cost a little more? Yep – but it eliminates a common failure in siding installations.

The simple truth is that once we know a better way to do something, we can’t bring ourselves to do it any other way. It goes against everything we stand for to knowingly choose an inferior process or material when something better is available.

Our goal is always to give each client value far beyond what they could possibly expect. 

If you need exterior renovation for your Utah home and want to get the most value for your investment, contact us at RGS Exteriors for a free quote.