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Detail Obsession = Amazing Results

March 30, 2022

What It Means To Be Utah’s Most Detail-Obsessed
Exterior Home Renovation Experts

Better Products – Better Results
And Better Warranties

When it comes to completing exterior home renovations for Utah homeowners, no detail is too small.

Consider the humble nail.

A nail is a nail is a nail, right? Nope.

If that were true, we wouldn’t have terms like ‘roofing nails’ and ‘framing nails’ to toss around. But it goes beyond that.

Take the ‘Hardie Nail’ as an example. Most homeowners and, seemingly, most Utah contractors have never heard the term, yet it’s essential for installing James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Put simply, a Hardie nail is a nail with ridges on the shaft, which give it incredible holding power, and we refuse to use anything else with James Hardie siding.

Yes, it’s more expensive.

No, it isn’t meant to be optional, but not using them is a cost-cutting measure that you’ll never see. Until that is, your siding starts to shift, sag, and pull away from your home.

But, before that happens, all James Hardie jobs look incredible – ours just happen to stay that way for decades instead of years.

Criminal Flashing Isn’t What You Think

Another example of how we sweat the small stuff is how we approach flashing. Flashing is any material placed to protect seams so water won’t infiltrate behind your material.

You’ve probably noticed metal flashing at the base of the chimneys in your neighborhood, but flashing can be found all over your home, often coated in caulking at the edges.

We try to use as little caulk as possible when renovating a home’s exterior. That’s not to say we’re stingy – in fact, we use one of the most expensive caulks available, but we still consider caulking as a last resort.

We prefer to use superior flashing techniques and materials because caulk ages. Even our caulk is only guaranteed for 30 years, which is good, but not as good as barely aging at all – and coated metal barely ages.

So, we prefer metal flashing, even when the manufacturer would be satisfied with cloth. Cloth can fade, tear, and move, leaving you with gaps down the road that look lousy and allow water to get in. That’s just not acceptable to us.

Metal, however, comes in many colors that we can match to your product and won’t ever move or fade.

Again, more expensive but absolutely worth the added costs.

And if we do it right (we do), we can often get away with using no caulk at all.

Our Gutters Are Positively Riveting


Take a look at any gutter system in your neighborhood. What’s holding them together at the end caps and joints?

Unless we did the work, your answer is going to be screws. Lots and lots of screws, which means lots and lots of sharp pointy things inside the gutters waiting to snag whatever comes along.

And sometimes, that something could be your hand as you’re cleaning your gutters out. OUCH!

Plus, screws loosen over time and can even start to corrode because they don’t match the gutter’s metal.

Now, take a look at the gutter system above. What don’t you see? That’s right, screws.

What you do see are rivets. Permanent, strong, and unobtrusive rivets. They look better, never back out, and unlike screws, they are made of the same material as the gutters, so you don’t get the mixed metal problems that zinc or steel screws can cause with gutters.

And on the inside of the gutters? Smooth running all the way down.

Yes, rivets take more time than screws, but the results are worth the extra effort.

Proper Exterior Renovation Starts
With Having The Right Goal

If you have kids, you’ve probably said the following a time or two – “Stop focusing on finishing the task and focus more on completing it.”

Too many home contractors are focused on finishing their work and too few on proper procedures. They operate on the ‘What the homeowner can’t see won’t hurt us’ principle, and it shows not just in their work but what they’re willing to do to back it up.

At RGS Exteriors, we guarantee our workmanship for ten years. If you have any problems with our installation in the first decade, we will make it right.

We can offer our 10-Year Everything Guarantee because we know that our installers sweat the small stuff on every project.

We know that the right nails were used, that they were placed properly, that the flashing is spot-on, and that we used the best available materials to get your project completed while using the proper procedures.

So, covering our work for ten full years is no risk at all.

And more importantly, the manufacturers know it, too. They have such faith in the quality of our work that they can confidently offer their longest warranties to our clients. And when it comes to James Hardie, we’re the only Elite Preferred Contractor in all of Utah.

Details matter. And when you insist on getting them right every time, everyone benefits. We get to enjoy a great reputation, the manufacturers get to be known for fantastic warranties, and you get to have a home that will look fantastic for decades to come.