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DIY VS Hiring A Professional To Install Gutters

May 9, 2023

DIY Vs. Hiring A Professional To Install Your
South Jordan, UT, Home’s Gutters

Why You Should Leave This Task Up To The Professionals

When you get a quality home renovation for your South Jordan, UT, home, it’s not exactly cheap. Because of this, when you need new gutters, you may be tempted to treat it as a DIY project to save some money. Unfortunately, this rarely goes well for many reasons.

This article will explore the differences between a professional gutter installation and a DIY project, including why choosing a professional is better. From better materials to precision results, here’s everything you need to know about how these processes differ.

Professionals Have More Experience

Unless you install gutters for a living, you likely lack the experience a professional will have. They know how to work with any style home to create an expert fit, ensuring your gutters are up to complete the job they were designed for.

A lot can go wrong when a gutter installation is completed as a DIY project due to this lack of experience. The results can range from a poorly functioning gutter system that doesn’t divert water from your home to a system that fails quickly.

Professionals Use Better Quality Materials

If you complete a DIY gutter installation on your Salt Lake County home, you’ll have several options for materials at the local hardware store. However, they don’t tell you that all gutter systems are not created equal. There are two types: sectional and seamless. For your DIY project, you’ll be installing sectional gutters.

These gutters are installed in sections, which are held together with sealant. The end product has many seams – weak links prone to leaks. However, because they’re in pieces, they’re easier for an individual to manage and install on their own.

When you hire a professional, you can have seamless gutters installed. These are fabricated with a special machine by the installers on your property. With custom-made gutters, you ensure the measurements are exact and guarantee the perfect fit. 

In addition, you’ll have a broader range of material options for your gutter installation than what’s offered at the hardware store. Instead of standing out against your home’s style, you can choose a design and color that coordinates precisely how you want it to.

Professionals Have More Experience With Personal Safety

If you’re uncomfortable with the annual cleaning tasks for your gutters, chances are you won’t feel great about the time you’ll need to spend on a ladder or your roof for a DIY installation. Even if you are comfortable on a ladder for extended periods – there is always a risk of accidents.

While it may not seem like such a big deal when you first think about it, you should consider how many hours you’ll need to climb the ladder. If you’re working alone at your South Jordan, UT, home, you’ll have to find a way to get your new gutters up the ladder, hold them in place while you fasten them, and seal each section together.

Professionals work on ladders for a living, giving them extensive experience with ladder safety. In addition, as they will be installing seamless gutters, they’ll work in a team – eliminating the problem of managing the materials alone. They’re trained extensively on working safely at heights, making it a better option to hire a professional.

Professionals Provide Warranties

When your gutter installation is performed by a Salt Lake County professional, you’ll be eligible for warranties. Manufacturers provide precise installation guidelines that must be followed for optimal performance. When your contractor follows these to the letter, your materials will be protected under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, when a contractor believes in their work and isn’t afraid to stand behind it, they’ll offer you a workmanship warranty. This will typically cover any defects caused by their installation for a certain number of years following the completion of the project. When you’re choosing your contractor, it’s essential to evaluate the warranties they offer.

When you complete a DIY project, if anything goes wrong, you’re financially responsible. You completed the work, and no one can provide you with a warranty. In addition, the materials you purchased may not have a product defect warranty.

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