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Anatomy Of A Gutter System

June 30, 2024

Anatomy Of Gutters And Gutter
Protection For Pleasant Grove

Parts Of A Gutter System And What
Each One Does For Your Home

Gutters and gutter protection in Pleasant Grove are essential to any home. Without these systems, your home is susceptible to water damage that could threaten its integrity. That’s why the quality of your system is so important, and every part of the system matters.

At RGS Exteriors, we provide the highest-quality gutters and gutter protection to the Salt Lake City area. We reduce everything we do to a science to ensure we find the absolute best for every piece.

The Gutter System Begins With The Base

The base of your seamless gutters is the long strip cut on-site with a special machine. For seamless gutters, these strips only meet at the corners, creating a sleek flow with very few seams.

Though the entire system is considered your “gutters,” the base is the technical gutter. The rest is part of the system that supports the gutters and helps them function better.

Hangers Keep Your Gutters And Gutter Protection In Place

Hangers may attach to your gutters and your fascia. They are the brackets that keep your gutter system in place. Traditionally, these brackets were large and stuck out from the house. They were also susceptible to pulling off, cracking, and causing leaks if secured to the gutters.

In most cases, the hangers for a seamless gutter system blend in, making them difficult, if not impossible, to see from the ground. They usually don’t attach directly to the system in a way that would cause leaks.

Your Type Of Gutter Might Have An Apron

A gutter apron is not present in all gutter systems but is a type of flashing that protects the eaves of your roof from water. Some systems have built-in aprons, and some roofs don’t require an apron. So if yours doesn’t have one you can see, it may be because it’s unnecessary.

End Caps Are Important For Any Gutter System

End caps are exactly what they sound like – caps that go on the ends of your gutter system. These caps keep water from flowing out the ends of the gutter, directing it to the downspout instead.

The end caps are separate for seamless gutters, allowing your installation team to cut and cap the system precisely. They go on after the gutters are cut and are often sealed after being placed onto the gutter to prevent leaks.

Miters Are Perfect For Gutters And Leaf Guards

Miters are corner pieces that work for some gutter systems but are more common for gutter guards. They ensure water doesn’t flow into the corners of your roof, where the system is weaker. Some houses don’t need these, but those with dormers or L-shaped houses may require them.

Downspouts Require Drops And Elbows
For Your Gutter System

A downspout isn’t typically one piece. The drop is connected to the gutters, the elbow is connected to the drop, and the actual “downspout” connects to the elbow and lets water flow into your chosen area. These three pieces create the downspout system that lets you direct water to a drain field, rain barrel, or an alternative safe place.

There Are Many Types Of Gutter Guards
In The Salt Lake City Area

The gutter guard is often one single piece for each side of your house, but there are many different types. Each protects your gutters from clogs by acting as a shield, allowing water to pass through but blocking debris.

At RGS Exteriors, we offer three types of gutter guards, allowing you to customize your gutter system even further.

  • Gutter Topper: thick shields that can withstand large amounts of water and stay in place during strong winds.
  • Leaf Terminator: a low-profile design that even prevents snow and ice from entering gutters.
  • The Solution: an affordable option made of durable aluminum yet is nearly invisible from the ground.

RGS Exteriors Offers Exceptional Gutters
And Gutter Protection In Pleasant Grove

RGS Exteriors has over seven decades of experience with gutters and gutter protection in Pleasant Grove. We offer the best customer service and customization of your gutter system. If you want to upgrade your gutters and add a gutter guard, call us at (385) 533-0024 for a free estimate.