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High-Pressure Sales Tactics Destroy Projects

March 30, 2022
Case Study

Those High-Pressure Sales Tactics Aren’t Just
Unpleasant – They Can Ruin Your Project!

From Poor Preparation To Rushed Inspections,
That Great Deal Can Cost You Thousands

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We’ve all seen the ads from local contractors, and most Utah homeowners ignore them on sight. But what about when these ‘deals’ are being peddled to you in your own home?

It’s no secret that these high-pressure sales tactics work – at least as far as getting you to sign, anyway. If they didn’t work, companies wouldn’t use these methods.

But you’ll never catch a rep from RGS Exteriors trying any of that silliness on their potential clients.

While we view these practices as unethical, there’s an even better reason not to stoop to such tricks – they often result in serious trouble for all involved.

Salesmen Vs Estimators

Sales Representatives and Estimators are not the same.

True estimators know their business inside and out. They know what must happen to finish a project and what kind of problems can crop up when dealing with an older home in your specific neighborhood.

You may think we’re exaggerating, but if your development had construction issues when it went up, or if there’s a wood-boring insect problem in your area, our estimator will be aware of it all.

Their job is, of course, to convince you that we’re the right people for your project, but their first goal is to tell you exactly what your project should entail.

If they foresee a potential problem, like rotted wood under your siding, they will discuss it with you and may even include it in your proposal.

A sales rep only cares about getting the sale. Maybe they know a lot about exterior installation, maybe they don’t – but it doesn’t matter. Their only focus is convincing you to sign on the dotted line.

And they want to give you the lowest quote possible, so they brush past or flat out ignore anything that might cause the quote to go up, and that can lead to an unpleasant or even disastrous outcome.

Bumpy Road Ahead

If you received your proposal from a salesperson, you can expect an interesting ride during the installation of your new product. What they may have ignored is not so easily ignored by an installer.

When your installer encounters an area of wood rot, it must be addressed. There are ‘options’ to their approach (though we’d disagree with that assessment), and the direction they take will say much about the quality of their work.

They could shrug it off and rig something that will hold for at least a few years, or they could just pretend they never saw it and hope your project stays up longer than their workmanship guarantee, or they can come to you to discuss spending another thousand or two to fix the issue.

Sadly, the pressure from their boss to get in and get out is so heavy many contractors will just close their eyes and keep installing the product no matter what they see wrong. That, unfortunately, is the most likely result.

The second option would be coming to you with a change order that adds thousands to the project price. Often, the project is initially priced while fully aware that work will need to be added to the project, and they rely on your need to get the project finished to pressure you into accepting the change.

None of these scenarios are positive for you, the homeowner. Either you’ll get work that won’t survive a warranty claim inspection, or you’ll find yourself spending more than you had planned.

The only certainty is that the project will stress you out at some point – either while it’s happening or a few years down the road when it starts to fail.

Big Decisions = Big Results

Now, if you have a true estimator come to your home, they will discuss what you want and what they think you need to do to achieve your goals. They will also point out any issues they consider possibilities during the installation. That way, you are then basing your decisions on every possible cost.

Then there are the things you may not have considered at all.

Maybe it would make sense to get your old, sticky windows replaced along with the siding?

Is it a large additional expense? Yep!

But if you know you will replace those windows eventually, there’s no better time to get them replaced than when their framing is completely exposed.

Plus, doing it later would cost much more and not have the high degree of fit and finish you’ll get from replacing your windows simultaneously with your siding.

A sales rep would never mention such an idea for fear of running you off. But we see our purpose as helping homeowners arrive at an informed decision – so we give them all the facts, even if it means losing or delaying the project.

Besides, the worst sentence to hear in the installation business is, “I wish you’d told me that at the beginning.” If those words ever get spoken by an RGS client, then our estimator failed to do a thorough job.

No Surprises = Zero Stress

Our process, from the first phone call to the final walkthrough, is designed to give you a pleasant, stress-free project experience. But it all starts with a proper estimation of your project.

When done correctly, your estimate tells both you and us what needs to be ordered, when to order it, where it goes, and what problems we might encounter during installation. If all of that information is accurate (and it will be), there is little room for surprises.

So, when you’re considering the next project for your home, make sure you talk to an estimator – not a sales rep.