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How Can You Tell If A Siding Company Is Legit? Red Flags To Look Out For!

November 28, 2023

Red Flags To Look For When Choosing
A Vinyl Siding Company In Ogden, UT

Don’t Trust Your Home To Just Anyone –
Know What To Look For And
Choose Only The Best

When it comes to choosing a company to install vinyl siding in Ogden, UT, we at RGS Exteriors know how important a decision it is.

Let’s face it – in the world of home exteriors, there are a lot of substandard companies out there. Companies that put quantity over quality in jobs patronize the customer and purposefully muddy the communication channels to conceal shoddy, low-quality work.

That’s why we’ll never rush any decision you make, and we’ll be open and honest with you every step of the way.

Let’s break down the key signs to look out for that your vinyl siding installers aren’t as great as they say they are.

A Rushed Inspection On Your Weber County Home

Low-quality siding companies know that the faster they secure and rush through a job, the quicker they can move on to the next job. The estimator will speed through, saying just what you want to hear, dismissing everything as acceptable, and okaying the work to start.

Unfortunately, it’s you and your Ogden home that will suffer.

At RGS Exteriors, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Every detail must be looked over to ensure there are no surprises, and every possibility must be discussed and planned for in advance.

This results in a predictable, stress-free proposal. Even if additional work is required on your home once work has begun, it’s all been planned for.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics To Get You To Buy Vinyl Siding

We’ve all seen the signs advertising “great savings” and “this weekend only.” Don’t let an inferior siding company rush you into a significant decision affecting your Weber County home for years.

High-pressure sales tactics are one of the first signs you’ll encounter with a substandard siding company. The quality work of our experts at RGS Exteriors speaks for itself, and we know that we don’t need to rush our customers to get them to see that we’re the best.

Hidden Fees That Weren’t Disclosed In
The Original Vinyl Siding Proposal

This is a big one and sadly rears its ugly head once you’ve agreed to have the siding company install your vinyl siding.

An excellent siding company will disclose all costs upfront and go over each so you, as the homeowner, understand everything the installers are going to do.

A substandard vinyl siding contractor, however, won’t be as upfront. They’ll tack on unexplained fees that they’ll wave off as “service fees” or “inspection fees,” and often, you won’t know anything about them until after they complete the job and you receive the bill.

One moment, you’re paying for a simple vinyl siding job, and the next, the installers discover wood rot and need thousands of dollars more than the original proposal so they can fix it, or your job remains unfinished.

With us, we go over every possible scenario before work begins. If we find damage and it’s uncovered, it’s already a contingency we’ve planned for, and it’s covered in our original proposal. We’ll also inform and educate you every step of the way about any risks and possible problems that may arise with your house’s materials and age.

A Patronizing Tone During Your Vinyl Siding Project

Here at RGS Exteriors, the customer is everything to us. Our customer-centered approach is what has made us successful for more than 70 years – and our shining reputation for quality and service proves it.

Sadly, too many companies treat the customer as their last priority – just another payment to add to their bottom line instead of valued homeowners who deserve top-quality work.

If you contact a siding company and they make you feel less than a valued Ogden, UT homeowner who deserves only the best, then walk away. You’ll have dodged a bullet.

Substandard Siding Materials

We at RGS Exteriors commit to using only the best quality siding materials available, no matter the siding type.

Stone and brick? Sourced only from the best local merchants in the area.

Fiber cement siding? Only James Hardie siding is the proven best of any other brand of fiber cement siding.

Vinyl siding? Ours is 45% thicker than the standard used by our competitors.

However, our competitors often try to make their prices “affordable” by cutting corners on material quality. They’ll use cheap, substandard siding – not revealing to the homeowner that the low-quality material will break down quickly and is likely not under warranty.

Best value beats best price when it comes to your vinyl siding – hands down.

Choose RGS Exteriors For A Top Quality Vinyl
Siding Installation On Your Ogden, UT Home

At RGS Exteriors, our work speaks for itself. We’ll never rush such a major decision about vinyl siding because we understand how important your Ogden, UT home is to you.

A zero-stress, detail-oriented, customer-centered approach is just simple common sense to us.

Call us today at (801) 997-6616 to schedule your free consultation.