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How Do Heat Cable Systems Work in West Jordan, UT?

July 7, 2023

How Do Heat Cable Systems Work
In West Jordan, UT?

The Optimal Choice For Home
Protection In West Jordan, UT

Winter in Salt Lake County can bring unrelenting, bone-chilling temperatures. You don’t need to be a meteorologist to know how dangerous this weather can be. Fortunately for folks living in West Jordan, UT, heat cable systems are readily available

These systems offer the ultimate level of convenience and safety. If you’ve ever wondered what roof heating cable systems are and how they work, continue reading for a quick crash course.

Understanding How Cable Heating Systems Work

As you know, Winter in West Jordan, UT can be pretty tough. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your home if left unchecked, causing:

  • damaged gutters
  • ruined soffit and fascia
  • interior water damage

And that’s where heat cable systems come into play –– they’re a system of cables organized on the edge of your roof near the gutter. These cables produce heat to help fend off those icy temperatures. 

They essentially act as fire extinguishers but for frozen trouble. They generate enough heat to melt the snow off your roof before an ice dam can form.

The Basics Of Heat Cable Systems

The idea behind cable heating systems is basic. It’s a combo of heating cables, control units, and sensors all working together.

The cables go up in a jagged line across the roof, the sensors measure temperature and air moisture, and the control unit can set things to power-on mode.

When the sensors detect that icy chill or dampness in the air, they give a heads-up to the control unit to activate the heating cable.

Importance of Heat Cable Systems For
Your Home in West Jordan UT

Every year, residents in West Jordan, UT face the daunting challenge of snow piling up and causing ice dam formation. Now, you can battle the season with a heating cable system on your roof — a major sigh of relief.

Protect yourself and your home and invest in a great cable heating system. This can save you thousands of dollars worth of damage. You’ll effectively prevent ice dams, which can cause leaks, structural damage, and even lead to detached gutters. 

Selecting the Right Heating Cable System

There is no one-size-fits-all heating cable system because everyone’s home and budget have different needs. Some systems are automated, while some require manual control. So, you’ll need to identify the one that works best for your Salt Lake County home.

Automated systems tend to be more expensive, yet they provide you with a convenient, stress-free experience. This leaves no room for human error, such as forgetting to activate the heating cables.

Manually operated solutions are, of course, the less costly option. But they do require steady attention from users, making them more time-consuming.

Installation of Roof Heating Cable Systems

We do not recommend installing a roof heating cable system yourself. Working with electricity and risky heights should be put in the hands of seasoned professionals. One slip-up could be catastrophic, so don’t take any chances –– let an expert handle this crucial job.

It’s wise to invest in a company like RGS Exteriors because we know what we’re doing when it comes to these kinds of projects in Salt Lake County. With many years of experience in the heating cable business, we know how to get your system installed and running.

From our thorough property assessment, you can count on us to suggest the best solution for your specific situation. No two properties are exactly alike in West Jordan, UT –– homeowners should not settle for a cookie-cutter solution.

Maintenance of Cable Heating Systems

The key to prolonging the life of your heating cable system is regular maintenance by a roofing professional. Our professionals will provide some TLC every so often and check for any damages or anything that looks off. This is super quick and easy and can save you thousands in potential damages caused by a faulty system.

RGS Exteriors: Your Heating Cable System Partner
in Salt Lake County

With years of experience in installing and maintaining heating cable systems, RGS Exteriors has maintained an incredible reputation in West Jordan, UT, and all of Salt Lake County.

We don’t just check off boxes. We truly go above and beyond for our customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence sets us head and shoulders above the competition.

In the face of Salt Lake County’s harsh winters, a heat cable system, especially for homes in West Jordan, UT, can be a vital defense against dangerous ice dams. Rely on RGS Exteriors, the county’s ice dam prevention experts, for a free quote and a tailored solution for your home –– contact us today.