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How To Prepare Your Home For a Siding Replacement

April 4, 2023

How To Prepare Your Sandy, UT, Home For A
Siding Replacement

Everything You Need To Know To Do Before
Your Siding Installers Arrive

Getting new James Hardie fiber cement siding installed on your Sandy, UT, home is an exciting experience. Your curb appeal will go through the roof, and you’ll enjoy many significant benefits, including resistance to fire, insects, and moisture. However, before your project begins, you’ll need to do some prep work around the house.

Your siding installers will do their part to protect the exterior of your property during your siding installation. Still, you’ll need to take some preventative steps inside and outside the home. Here at RGS Exteriors, we’ve outlined the steps common to all siding installation projects to help get you on your way.

Trim Back Any Trees And Shrubs Near The Home’s Exterior

Your James Hardie siding company will need easy access to the entire exterior of your Salt Lake County home. If you have any shrubs or trees that have grown up close to the siding, you’ll need to take some time to trim them back. Alternatively, if possible, you can also tie them back. This also allows them easier access to find any dropped debris during cleanup.

Move Everything You Can Away From The House

To make things as easy as possible for your James Hardie siding contractor, you’ll need to move everything you can away from the exterior of your home. This includes potted plants, lawn furniture, grills, and anything else that’s mobile.

Consider storing these items in the garage or moving the items far across the yard, so they aren’t an inconvenience during your siding installation. If you need to use your yard, you should verify with the contractor where they will need to store products and materials. Understanding which areas are off limits will keep everyone safe and secure.

Plan On Alternative Parking

While having the siding James Hardie replaced on your Sandy, UT, home, you’ll need to find alternative parking. There’s a risk of damage to your vehicle during the project, even though your installers will be diligent about being careful throughout the process.

Additionally, your installers will have a dumpster on-site to collect the old materials for disposal. Giving them free access to the driveway will help make their jobs much more manageable.

Turn Off Exterior Power

On the day of your cement siding installation, it is highly recommended that you turn off all power to exterior lights. This will prevent accidental electric shock to any of your installers. The last thing you want during your installation is for someone to get hurt.

Make Alternative Arrangements

When considering your options for James Hardie siding in Salt Lake County, you’ll also need to think about the alternative arrangements you’ll make during the project once you’ve found the best installer. Pets and children cannot go into the project area for any reason.

If you have children at home during the day, you’ll need to have a plan to keep them from entering the areas where the installers are working. Additionally, pets that go outdoors must be contained to prevent injury and accidents. Consider having your children and pets stay with friends or family during the project.

If you work at home, you may need to find an alternative location. Installing siding is not quiet work, and if you need a quiet area to work, your home will not provide that during the project.

Prepare The Interior Of Your Home

You may not think much about your home’s interior when planning a James Hardie plank siding installation. Still, a lot can happen to your personal belongings during the project. Because of all the banging on the walls, there is the potential for anything hanging to be knocked to the floor, so you’ll need to take down anything delicate and breakable.

Additionally, dust you didn’t know existed will make its presence known during installation. You can alleviate some of this by using drop cloths on your furniture and vacuuming in the days leading up to your installation.

Keep Communication Open

It’s essential to have excellent communication with your James Hardie fiber cement siding installers. Knowing where you stand with your project, what you need to do to prepare for their arrival, and where they want things placed as they arrive is critical to a successful project. Keeping the lines of communication open with your installers will ensure the best results.

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