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How To Protect Your Chimney With Stylish Chimney Covers In Riverton, UT

December 22, 2023

We Create Functional And Elegant Chimney
Covers For Riverton, UT Homes

Chimney Covers Aren’t Just A Finishing
Touch, They Protect Your Home

Why might you need a chimney cover for your Riverton, UT home? Chimney covers can be the finishing touch that gives your home an elegant accent on top. They can be customized in a variety of styles. But they don’t just look pretty. Chimney covers are important for protecting your chimney and your home.

Why Consider A Chimney Cover For Your
Salt Lake County Home

A chimney cover is a metal covering that is attached to the opening of your chimney and sometimes contains a protective metal mesh layer, depending on how the cover is designed. 

Embers from a fire in your fireplace can travel upward and settle on flammable material on your roof. A chimney cover will prevent these embers from escaping an open chimney, making it much safer. A chimney cover will also direct smoke out and away from your home. 

While they keep embers from getting out, they keep other elements that shouldn’t be in your chimney from getting in. Chimney covers keep unwanted elements out. Debris-like sticks and leaves can easily get into your chimney. These can block smoke from escaping, not to mention that they, themselves, are flammable. 

Chimney covers also help keep water and wind from getting inside your chimney. Water can cause mold and mildew growth and corrosive damage over time. Wind damage can slowly erode your chimney. Something else that chimney covers keeps out are animals like raccoons and other critters that might be looking for shelter in your chimney. 

Protection For Your Riverton, UT Home With
Top-Mounted Chimney Covers

Top-mounted chimney covers are among the easiest to add to your house. They attach directly to your chimney from the top and can be secured easily. 

A big benefit to top-mount chimney covers is that they are good for both single-flue and multiple-flue chimneys and can be made to fit different chimney shapes and types.

Custom Chimney Covers For Your Riverton, UT Home 

One of the best options for a chimney cover is to have it custom-made to fit your chimney. A good exterior contracting company may offer this. You can pick the color and style to match your home and create an elegant look.

When customizing your chimney cover, you will usually have a choice of material. Chimney covers are usually made of a durable metal like aluminum or copper. Aluminum is a great option because of its light weight, sturdiness, and flexibility. It is also resistant to corrosion and soot build-up.

Copper is also sturdy and easy to work, making it a great option for customization. It is stronger than many metals. It also gives a refined, elegant accent to your exterior.

Professionally-Installed Chimney Caps In Salt Lake County 

It may be tempting to install a chimney cap yourself, but professional installation offers several benefits. First and foremost is safety. A home improvement contractor will be fully trained and well-versed in safety procedures to conduct a project like a chimney cap installation on your roof.

Another advantage is workmanship. A good exterior contractor should offer warranties to protect their work. If you ever need a repair to a chimney cover, you will be protected.

Yet another benefit to professional installation is that some contractors can design and manufacture their chimney covers. This means that your chimney cover will be designed to compliment the look of your home and to fit your chimney perfectly, reducing the risk of it getting unseated in the future. 

RGS Exteriors is Riverton, UT and Salt Lake County’s premier exterior contractor. We offer custom chimney covers that we make from scratch in our metal fabrication shop. You can design it to your exact specifications, and we will build and install it. To get all the benefits of a chimney cover for your home, contact RGS Exteriors today!