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Our Top Four Values In Our Never-Ending Pursuit Of Perfection

April 12, 2024

The RGS WAY: An Uncompromising
Pursuit Of Perfection

Our Core Values Serve
As Our Guiding Stars

Our story began in the vibrant 1950s – when we realized that some Utah exterior remodeling contractors aimed for “good enough” instead of enduring value. That’s when we knew we were different. Good enough just isn’t who we are.

And how do we know who we are?

It’s our core values. Without a set of values, it’s impossible to steer a company in the right direction. That’s why we’ve outlined our expectations for every RGS Exteriors & Construction employee. Each one of us carries these core values into every project – every step of the way. No exceptions. Here is what you can expect from RGS Exteriors:

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The Right Way Or The Highway

At RGS Exteriors, we don’t believe in band-aid solutions. When we tackle a problem, we go to the root. Whether it’s rotting wood, hidden water damage, or mold, we identify and address the issue head-on. It’s simply not in our nature to cover it up and hope it goes away.

That’s why we will NEVER build over previously hidden problems, agree to offer half-measures, or leave you in the dark.

And thanks to our award-winning, unwavering commitment to excellence, we back our work with our industry-leading 10-Year Workmanship Warranty. If it’s not done the right way, it’s not done at all.

Quality Without Compromise

When it comes to materials, we don’t settle for the bargain bin. We handpick products that have been rigorously tested before they ever grace our showroom. And while we greatly value adhering to a manufacturer’s strict instructions, our standards can sometimes exceed theirs, ensuring you get the best quality installation.

Take James Hardie’s siding, for example. The name practically rolls off the tongue in the industry, and that’s why we partner with them. They’re simply the best. But even their meticulous 130-page installation guide has room for improvement.

So, we replace the flimsy cloth flashing that is recommended in the manual with custom-made, treated metal strips that won’t tear or fade. A vast improvement.

And we understand that fiber cement isn’t for everyone. For those seeking a different option, we scour the market and curate the absolute best vinyl siding available. You won’t find rickety junk under our roof.

And forget double-pane windows — we only deal in triple-pane. Why settle for less when the performance boost is so significant? And the best part? We’ve found a way to offer them at double-pane prices, ensuring amazing value across the board.

Promises Kept, Trust Earned

We stand by our commitments and deliver on every promise with steadfast integrity. From the initial consultation to our 10-year follow-up, you can expect us to keep our word consistently.

No surprises and no hidden costs – just clear communication that builds trust and empowers your decision-making. But building trust extends beyond just words and principles. It manifests in the people we choose to represent our company.

Clean-cut, friendly, and driven by a genuine work ethic and obsession with detail, our crews treat your home with the same care and attention they would give their own. We don’t just seek skilled installers — we seek individuals who share our passion for quality and our dedication to respect.

Respect For Our Customers

Whether we’re shaking hands with a homeowner or a fellow employee, respect is the invisible thread woven into every interaction. It’s the foundation of trust, the bedrock of collaboration, and the fuel that drives our commitment to exceeding expectations.

We believe in educating our customers with transparent, jargon-free communication. Our initial consultations are stress-free, pressure-free zones where we listen to your needs and provide honest, detailed quotes that stand firm for 30 days.

No gimmicks.

No one-day discounts.

Just the facts laid out clearly so you can make an informed decision.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Throughout the project, you’ll be kept informed, consulted, and treated with the utmost respect. Your concerns are our concerns – even after the final nail is driven.

Our Values Make Us Who We Are

At RGS Exteriors, we’re not just a company; we’re a family. A family built on shared values. We don’t just improve homes. We aim to turn them into legacies of beauty and enduring value.

It’s not enough to simply install gutters, siding, windows, or entryways. We strive to deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is in the hands of those who care as much as you do.

So, if you’re in Utah and looking for more than just a profit-driven exterior home remodeling contractor, contact us at RGS Exteriors & Construction for a free and honest estimate.