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Poor Door Installation Problems That Can Arise In Herriman, UT

December 26, 2023

Problems That Can Arise In Herriman, UT,
With Poor Door Installation

Choose The Right Contractor
Or Pay The Price Later

Poor door installations in Herriman, UT, can cause real problems. As a matter of fact, poor installations anywhere can.

Along with a whole host of problems poor door installations can cause, homeowners are often left with the feeling that they chose the wrong contractor. Which can undoubtedly be true.

When it comes to any home improvements or remodeling you’re going to want to hire a company with experience, training, skill, and knowledge of their craft.

A company like RGS Exteriors.

We would like to share with you some of the problems that can come up and rear their ugly heads when your residential entry doors aren’t properly installed.

Improperly Installed Entry Doors Can
Cause Major Problems

There are many reasons why an entry door could have been improperly installed.

It’s possible inaccurate measurements were taken. The wrong hardware, like screws or hinges, were used. The installation wasn’t level or damage was caused to materials before their installation.

Any of these reasons and more could cause your door to be poorly installed leading to problems down the road. A true headache for homeowners.


The worst problem that can happen as a result of a poorly installed door is the security of your home. Home invasions are a very scary prospect. Thinking of someone finding a way into your home at night or even when you’re not around can make any homeowner cringe.

What’s worse is that a poorly installed door could not have the structural integrity that it should making breaking and entering easier for criminals. 

This would be one of the main reasons any homeowner has to ensure their doors are installed properly.

Poor Insulation

A poorly installed entry door can leave your home much cooler in the winter, and warmer in the summer. We’ve all seen the commercials for little runners that go under the door to stop air from getting through.

Those are attempts to fix an issue caused by poor door installation.

A door that isn’t properly installed will poorly insulate the home. You’ll face cold drafts in the winter and your cool air escaping your home during the summer.

Energy Bills

Poor insulation in Herriman, UT, also leads to one thing none of us want, and that’s higher energy bills. Would you try to cool your home in the summer with your front door standing wide open?

While that’s an exaggeration the point remains the same. Your energy bills are going to be higher when entry doors to your home are poorly installed. Your A/C will have to run longer in the summer to not only cool your home but to keep it cool.

The same goes in the winter with warming your home. Maintaining those temperatures is also difficult with poor insulation. This means more energy is constantly being used. Potentially drastically increased energy bills are the result.

This one hurts homeowners even more since they paid to install the doors. The job being done incorrectly leading to increased utility bills is just an insult to injury.


An improper seal when your door closesalso leads to another issue.


All kinds of critters and bugs have easy access to your home when entry doors aren’t properly installed. Your door not closing flush leaves the perfect amount of space for those little nuisances living outside your home to try living inside your home instead.


Another pretty terrible result of your entry doors not being properly installed is that the door itself will probably not last as long.

The integrity of the door will be reduced. Hinges, screws, and other parts of the door could face immense strain and pressure they weren’t built to endure. Leading them to break and come apart much sooner than they would otherwise.

What comes next?

A homeowner has to replace a door much sooner than they should have. Not because the materials failed, but because the contractor failed to install the materials correctly.

These are all problems that you could face if your doors aren’t installed properly. The right contractor will install your doors with precision and expertise. Your doors will operate the way they are supposed to.

Contacting RGS Exteriors in Herriman, UT will get you that kind of contractor. One you can trust to do the job right.