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Relax! Our Process Makes Your Exterior Renovation Stress-Free

April 26, 2024

Is A Worry-Free Exterior Home
Remodeling Project Possible?

Our Time-Proven Process Says YES.

We’ve spent nearly 70 years honing our craft, and one thing’s clear: happy customers are the heartbeat of a thriving exterior home renovation business in Utah. That’s why every step of our process is carefully designed to put you, the homeowner, at the center.

Whether you’re looking for siding installation, new rain gutters, replacement windows, or entry doors – you can forget robotic scripts and high-pressure sales pitches. When you reach out to RGS Exteriors & Construction, you’ll get a real human on the other end who will answer your questions and help you schedule an in-person visit with your RGS consultant.

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Your First Consultation Visit

After your initial call, you’ll get a visit from your dedicated consultant. But don’t worry, their job isn’t to sell to you – their job is to listen and understand your needs and wants. Like a skilled detective, they’ll ask questions, inspect your home, and delve into your vision — uncovering your style and the root of any concerns.

Then, you’ll receive a crystal-clear proposal, valid for 30 days, outlining the work, cost, and benefits in plain English. No one-day discounts or twofer traps to cloud your judgment – the decision is yours, pressure-free.

Financing Solutions To Fit Your Budget

Life happens, and sometimes your budget and timing don’t perfectly align. We understand. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading lenders to offer you flexible financing options, including:

  • 6-Month Same As Cash
  • 12-Month Same As Cash
  • 18-Month Same As Cash
  • Up To 7-Year Low-Interest Loans

You don’t need to risk further exterior home deterioration. Our financing options help you nip problems in the bud.

When you contact RGS Exteriors, you’ll be greeted by a consultant who will use clear and honest communication to help you understand your options.

Communication And Trust

At RGS, transparent communication isn’t just a policy – it’s a core value that we are committed to 100%.


Because we believe in honesty – even when it’s tough. Our goal is to inform you and empower you.

Besides, hiding problems is just a recipe for disaster.

So, if a shipment is delayed or a hidden issue is discovered in your home, we’ll tell you straight away. And you can count on us to stay in touch throughout the entire installation.

The Big Day: Installation

The day arrives, and our on-time crew, as if by magic, appears at your doorstep. They’re not just skilled technicians; they’re clean-cut, respectful individuals who treat your home and family with the utmost care.

Loud music and harsh language are foreign concepts at RGS. It’s courtesy and professionalism that reign supreme. Our worksites are highly organized – ensuring that your plants and property are lovingly protected.

At the end of each day, every scrap of debris is whisked away. And all materials are stacked neatly – leaving a tidy workspace that respects your home and daily routine.

Unveiling Your Masterpiece

The moment of truth arrives! Your project manager walks you through the completed work, ensuring every detail meets your expectations. Only when you’re both beaming with satisfaction is the job truly done.

Worried about after-sale headaches? Not on our watch.

With our 10-Year Workmanship Warranty, even rare manufacturing defects aren’t your burden to bear.

If there is an issue, we’ll handle the manufacturer on your behalf and ensure the problem gets solved quickly and completely. No finger-pointing – just peace of mind.

Our Best Salespeople Are Our Happy Clients

Our commitment to providing a stress-free and enjoyable experience has earned us a loyal following of smiling clients and throughout Utah.

Their glowing reviews and heartfelt recommendations are our true reward. The smile on your face at the end of your renovation journey is the most authentic and powerful sales pitch we could ask for.

Ready to ditch the renovation stress and transform your Utah home into a sanctuary you adore? Contact us at RGS Exteriors & Construction today for a free estimate.