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RGS Exteriors Respects You & Your Home

May 31, 2024

Respect Is At The Core Of Our Wasatch Front
Exterior Remodeling Mission

Here’s How We Show The Utah Homeowners
We Serve The Respect They Deserve.

Nearly every Wasatch Front homeowner has had a negative experience with an exterior contractor.  Maybe they didn’t show up on time, botched the installation, or were just plain rude.

Well, with RGS Exteriors, that’s NOT going to happen.  We take pride in our work and appreciate every single homeowner who hires us.

What sets us apart from other Utah exterior remodelers?

It all comes down to one word: respect.  We respect our community, our customers, and their homes.

Only The Very Best For Our Wasatch Front Customers

One way we demonstrate respect to the Salt Lake City area homeowners we serve is to provide them with Only The Very Best exterior products and installation.  At RGS Exteriors, we refuse to install ANYTHING that doesn’t meet our standards.

For one thing, we only install exterior products that we STAND BY from reputable manufacturers.  Can you get cheaper siding or windows?  Without a doubt, but there’s a good chance they come with a MAJOR downside.

That’s why we choose to work with trusted suppliers with tried-and-true products.  James Hardie siding, for instance, costs a bit more than aluminum or vinyl siding, but it’s well worth the extra money.

Their siding lasts longer, looks better, and is backed by an excellent warranty.  That’s a done deal in our book.

A Stress-Free Remodeling Process That Puts YOU First

Of course, it’s not just our products that set us apart from most other contractors in the Salt Lake City area.  We’re also known for our smooth-sailing, stress-free remodeling process and our trustworthy team of dedicated professionals.

Each and every member of our team shares Our Vision and our core values of Old School Craftsmanship, Absolute Accountability, Professionalism, Care, and Doing Things Right.

What does that mean for your exterior remodeling project?

It means that from the very first consultation you have with us to the very last nail we hammer, YOU are our number one priority.

Our Process for remodeling perfection means we go out of our way to accommodate you AND to complete your project on schedule, on budget, and to our unyielding standards.

It also means we’ll never pressure you to sign up for services you’re unsure about and that we’ll give you the royal treatment when we’re at your home.

That’s what total 100% respect for our customers looks means to us.

5 Generations Of Top-Notch, Respectful Service

Home remodeling companies come and go–at least MOST of them do.

We’re proud to say, that’s NOT the case with RGS Exteriors.  We’ve been serving Wasatch Front homeowners for more than 70 years!

As a matter of fact, RGS Exteriors has been a trusted family business for 5 Generations, and we’ve only gotten better with age.

Over that time, we’ve added additional services and products to our line of offerings, but our mission and values have not changed one bit.

We’re still a family company through and through, and we’re not in this business purely for profits.  No, we’re here to do right by our customers and to continue serving our community in every way we can.

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