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Signs Your Siding Quote Has Gone Wrong

May 27, 2024

Five Warning Signs That Your
Siding Quote Is Going Wrong

Beware Of These Dangerous
Bad Quote Indicators

If you’re like most people and don’t get a siding quote every day, you might be unaware of how quickly a quote can go wrong. Or even what to look out for to avoid falling victim. Bad or sketchy quotes can leave you confused and frustrated and your wallet empty.

At RGS Exteriors, we want you to be informed about what makes a quote “bad” and how to stay vigilant during your home siding consultations. We don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of or get cheap siding that doesn’t meet their needs or standards.

You deserve the best siding installed by a company that cares and respects you and your home.

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Five Warning Signs You Can’t Trust The Quote

Some questionable siding consultants will do just about anything to make the sale. When getting your quote, look for these signs…

Warning Sign #1: The Consultant Is Late To The Consultation

We understand extraneous circumstances happen, but come on – if a siding consultant is late to your consultation or doesn’t show up at all, get rid of them! Just think about it – if they can’t respect your time during the consultation, they sure aren’t going to during the rest of your project.

A professional siding consultant shows up on time or even five to ten minutes early…because they respect you. And they show up prepared.

Warning Sign #2: The Consultant Is Inexperienced

Inexperienced siding consultants often don’t know how to assess your project properly. They don’t know the right questions to ask you about your home and your needs. And without the right answers, they can’t offer products that fit your needs. It’s that simple.

On the other hand, experienced consultants know exactly what to look for, what questions to ask, and what measurements to take. And this ensures you get the perfect siding product for your home.

Warning Sign #3: The Consultant Talks AT You, Not WITH You

Some unprofessional siding consultants will talk AT you and leave you out of the conversation altogether. It’s rude. It’s condescending. And it’s a clear sign that your siding quote has gone wrong.

Great consultants will listen to you, first and foremost, before they start their “sales pitch.” After fully understanding your expectations, they’ll offer recommendations and discuss your personalized options.

Warning Sign #4: Pulling An Estimate Out Of Thin Air

We like magic as much as the next person, but not when it means pulling a siding quote out of thin air. When a sales consultant performs this “magic trick,” it’s typically a sign they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Good quotes should be given time and thought…and are typically generated on a computer, not a napkin. Make sure your consultant accounts for all the things you talked about and that their estimate is based on reality – not make-believe.

Warning Sign #5: Your Quote Is One Line Long

Siding quotes need to be detailed…not just numbers on a screen or page. One-number quotes are not really quotes at all – they’re…well, numbers.

A thorough siding quote should include exactly what you’re paying for – the type and quantity of siding product needed, the amount of labor required for the job, any possible discounts, additional materials needed, and more.

Our Wasatch Front Siding Quotes Are
Always Thorough And Professional

At RGS Exteriors & Construction, our siding consultations are as professional and detailed as the installation itself. Our consultants are experienced and trained to give you an accurate, thorough quote for a smooth process.

And (it should go without saying), we always show up on time, respect you and your home, and listen to your concerns.

When you’re ready to work with a Wasatch Front siding, gutters, and window company that delivers “good” quotes, contact RGS Exteriors & Construction today for your free quote.