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Solutions To Common Gutter And Gutter Guard Issues

June 30, 2024

What Are The Most Common Roof Gutters And
Gutter Protection Issues In Pleasant Grove?

Problems With A Gutter System And How A
Professional Service Can Help

Gutters and gutter protection in Pleasant Grove help keep your home safe by directing water where it should go. However, gutter issues are common in old gutters and guards that were not installed properly or are aging out.

RGS Exteriors is an expert in all things gutters, and we enjoy improving the safety of homes in the Salt Lake City area with our incredible gutter systems. When we start a new gutter project, a few issues appear most often. Luckily, there are ways to fix them.

Not Enough Of A Slope On Gutters And Gutter Protection

One of the main problems with a gutter system is a lack of proper slope. Gutters have a very specific angle range necessary for them to operate properly, guiding water at the proper speed. Without a proper slope, the water remains stagnant or flows backward. It may even flow too fast and clog your system or cause an overflow.

A professional team of gutter experts can help correct an improper slope. In some cases, you will need new gutters, but other times, fixing the slope of existing gutters will be enough.

An improper slope can cause water to pool in your gutters, causing leaks and overflows. This excess water can lead to the wearing down of your roof and even cause leaks inside your home.

Leaves And Debris Clogging Gutters

If gutters are clogged, they can’t operate properly and require cleaning. But regular maintenance isn’t necessary, not with the right combination of gutters and gutter protection.

Seamless gutters can reduce the need for regular maintenance, while a proper gutter guard can almost completely remove the need for cleaning.

Fascia Rotting Or Pulling Away With Existing Gutters

If the fascia begins to rot or crack, it may pull away from your house. Since your gutters are likely attached to the fascia, this is a huge issue. When the fascia comes down, so do your gutters, causing a huge mess and leaving you without a method for redirecting water.

If this happens, your gutters may just need to be refastened. But there are cases when you either need new fascia or a gutter system that doesn’t weigh down on your fascia.

Leaks In A Gutter System Are A Danger In Pleasant Grove

Leaks in gutters are dangerous because extra water could pool underneath them, leading directly to your home’s foundation. If water wears away at the ground around your foundation, it could cause serious issues and threaten the integrity of your home.

A good seal can be enough to take care of leaks, but most of the time, leaks are caused by rust or the wearing away of the gutter system. A proper gutter system won’t have seams, making it much less susceptible to leaks.

Holes In Leaf Guards Stop Them From Working

Holes in a gutter protection system are not as dangerous as holes in the base gutter system, but they do defeat the purpose of having a gutter guard. If your leaf guard has holes, then debris can still get through.

Holes in gutter guards are usually caused by rodents or other pests biting or scratching at the guard. A high-quality gutter guard will usually take care of this issue, as it will be too strong for most pests to get through.

Gutter Cover Not Staying In Place

If your gutter cover keeps falling off, peeling back, or having screws pop out, then you probably have the wrong guard. A strong gutter guard must be able to attach to an existing gutter system without popping off.

Look for guards that work with new and existing gutters. The best way to do that is to find contractors that offer more than one type of gutter guard.

Sagging Existing Gutters In The Salt Lake City Area

Sagging gutters likely mean it’s time for a gutter replacement. While most sagging gutters may seem to be caused by debris buildup, the deeper issue is that the gutters are not strong enough.

The best route is to take is to address both problems with a gutter system to combat sagging from structural issues and a gutter guard to fight sagging from clogs.

RGS Exteriors Provides Gutters And Gutter
Protection For Pleasant Grove Homes

RGS Exteriors installs both seamless gutters and gutter protection systems in Pleasant Grove. We only use the best products and pay incredible attention to detail during installation. If you have problems with your existing gutters, call us today at (385) 533-0024 for a free estimate.