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Three Types Of Exterior Contractors: How To Choose The Right One

March 29, 2024

The Three Types Of Contractors – Finding
Utah’s Finest Exterior Remodelers

How To Choose The Perfect Type Of
Contractor For Your Project

Remodeling your Utah home’s exterior is like embarking on a grand adventure, transforming your tired siding, windows, and gutters into gorgeous curb appeal.

But finding the perfect contractor can be fraught with confusion, pitfalls, poor service, and wrong estimates.

This guide will help you navigate the search for a Utah exterior contractor and emerge victorious with a stunning remodel. To start, here are three types of contractors you are likely to encounter:

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1. The Lone Rangers

While sometimes skilled, these one-man bands may need more resources and stability for large projects. While they may deliver beautiful workmanship, you might have to deal with unreliable schedules, inconsistent quotes, or even vanishing acts. Proceed with caution!

2. The Flashy Marketer

These contractors lure you with dazzling advertisements and smooth-talking salespeople. But beware. Their charm often masks high-pressure tactics and subpar installations – potentially leaving you with bad estimates, shoddy workmanship, and hidden inflated prices.

3. The Wise Guide

These experienced companies offer fair pricing and proven quality products. With time-tested expertise and transparency, they educate you about options, respect your needs, and stand accountable for their work. This is your ideal companion on your renovation odyssey. With the different types of exterior Utah contractors identified, it’s time to choose yours. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one for your project:

Helpful Tips For Choosing A Contractor

Quality Reviews: Seek out reviews on independent sites like Angie’s List, Google, GuildQuality, and the Better Business Bureau. You’ll get a chance to learn about the company through real customer experiences.

Respectful Rapport: Observe how your potential contractor treats you. Do they arrive on time? Do they speak over you? Do they listen to your concerns or only push their agenda? Choose a company that educates you about products and options, not just pressures you into a sale.

Their Website: Delve deeper than the surface! Explore the company’s website. Is it professional and informative? Do they showcase past projects and satisfied customers? Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. You can also look for industry awards. They can be the hidden treasures revealing a company’s true character.

Tempting Prices: Quality is your shield against future headaches. Don’t be seduced by the cheapest prices. A fair price for reliable products and expert installation is an investment that protects your home and your peace of mind.

The Product Prowess: Don’t settle for generic! Choose windows, construction, gutters, and siding from established manufacturers with a solid reputation. It’s also important to consider product durability and performance. Research brands, compare warranties, and seek recommendations from experienced professionals.

Taking The First Step

The success of your exterior remodel hinges on choosing the right contractor. By following this trusty guide, you can navigate the Utah contractor landscape and transform your home into the haven of your dreams.

If you’re in the UT area, give RGS Exteriors & Construction a call to get started with a free consultation. We’ll answer your questions and help you find your best options!