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Tiny Details Are A Big Deal To Us

June 4, 2024

Why Do Siding Clients Love Our Workmanship?
Because To Us, Tiny Details Are A Big Deal

We’re Even Cautious About Which Type Nails
We Use And Where Each One Is Placed

After we install vinyl siding on Bluffdale, UT houses, we often receive 5-star reviews from the customers.

We are grateful, but it no longer surprises us. We know that clients respond enthusiastically to the meticulous care we take with their projects.

Why are we so careful?

Because details matter.

They make the difference between a job being ‘over’ and one that’s actually complete.

That’s how RGS Exteriors turns its customers into zealous supporters. We absolutely adore what we do, and we do it expertly. Each of us here gets immense pleasure from performing a project with care and precision.

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Our Meticulous Methods Lead To
Stunning Results For You

Our particular obsession drives us to do many things that most exterior remodelers and/or construction companies would never consider.

We do more listening, planning, and double-checking than most homeowners expect.

We take other uncommon steps, as well. But don’t worry! They don’t slow down our work or extend our completion dates.

Active Listening

Perhaps the most important step takes place the first time we meet you. At the initial consultation, we do something that far too many home exterior contractors do not.

We listen.

We pay close attention to what you say and even to what you don’t say. From the beginning, we want to understand what you need, what you want, what you expect, and what you can afford. That’s the only way we can be sure we meet your expectations.

Then we answer any questions you have, openly and honestly.

Meticulous Planning

Because we have been in business for nearly 70 years, we’ve become skilled at planning our projects with care from start to finish. Each step has its own completion timeframe.

We are like a precision tool that operates at high efficiency and meets the tightest specifications. This ensures we stay on track and gives us the freedom to attend to details that other remodelers might miss.

Compulsive Verification

We verify everything with you during each step of the project, especially just before we place the order for your materials. We make sure the following meet your preferences exactly:

  • Style
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Measurements

In some cases, we must manufacture metal fittings. If that is necessary, we include that with the order to ensure that everything is as it should be on installation day.

This verification step helps us avoid misunderstandings, missteps, or unnecessary delays. And it ensures a smooth renovation experience.

Final Inspection & Followup

Your project isn’t truly complete until the final walkthrough. Your project manager will accompany you to make sure you agree that everything is as it should be. Even if you’re happy with the outcome, your representative turns his expert eye on the results to make sure we are satisfied, too.

Are there any product defects? Did our elite installers somehow miss something? Was each step of the project completed accurately and successfully?

If we spot even the tiniest problem, we fix it immediately.

If you want to work with a detail-obsessed exterior home remodeling company, reach out to RGS Exteriors & Construction in Bluffdale, UT. today for a free quote.