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Vet Your Siding Contractor

April 25, 2024

Get To Know Your Siding Contractor
Before You Hire Them

A Little Exterior Company Research
Goes A Long Way

You might not think it matters who installs your Wasatch Front home siding…but trust us, IT DOES. And though it’s easy to go with the first contractor you find or the cheapest, it’s always best to do a little research first.

After 70+ years in business, we’ve seen just about every type of Joe Schmo, neighborhood handyman, and even “qualified” contractors try to pass their siding installations off as “quality.”

But the truth is that reputation, hands-on experience, and accreditations matter. And at RGS Exteriors, we want you to be educated about your siding contractor before you sign anything.

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Five Most Important Questions To Ask Your Siding Contractor

Researching, vetting, and Googling contractors for your siding project can be an overwhelming task. But here are the five most important questions to ask your contractor when you start.

1. Are They An Accredited Company With The BBB?

It’s not legally required to be an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau…but it’s certainly relieving to know that your chosen siding company is. It shows company stability, legitimacy, and customer commitment. How so?

Because those are things the BBB checks before accrediting the companies that apply. After your contractor answers this question, be sure to ask them their rating – and don’t settle for anything less than an A+.

2. How Long Have They Been In Business?

Here’s the deal – siding companies are often here one day and gone the next. They go bankrupt, skip town, or just close up shop. Whatever the reason, fly-by-night contractors often leave their customers high and dry.

Ensure your siding company is long established and should ideally have at least five years of experience – at the bare minimum. Ten years is better. Fifteen-plus years is best.

3. What Siding Products Do They Use?

The quality of the siding products your contractor uses matters. It’s the difference between building your kid’s backyard fort with cardboard or weather-treated wood. Ask your siding contractor WHAT manufacturer they use…and WHY.

If your contractor doesn’t have you believing that they install only the highest-quality, most durable, most energy-efficient, and most beautiful siding on the market…don’t choose them.

4. Are They Manufacturer Certified?

Not all siding manufacturers require certified contractors to install their products. But this is a big “no-no.” Manufacturer-certified contractors ensure your products are installed to the highest manufacturer standards. And for you, this means longer-lasting, higher-performing results.

5. Are They Local Or Family-Owned?

If you think being a local, family-owned company is irrelevant to your siding project, think again. Established local companies often have a genuine investment in their community and your best interest at heart.

And local, family-owned companies are notorious for treating their customers like family and not just another customer.

We’ll Answer All Your RGS Exteriors Questions
To Give You TOTAL Peace Of Mind

At RGS Exteriors & Construction, we’re not scared to answer any of your questions. We’ll even answer some right now. We’ve been serving Salt Lake City for over 70 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, use top-quality James Hardie siding products, and are Hardie-certified for superior installation.

Plus, we’ve been a local, family-owned company for five generations and counting!

If you have more questions or if you’re ready to start your Wasatch Front siding project, reach out to RGS Exteriors & Construction today for a free quote.