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What Is Gutter Protection And How Does It Work?

June 6, 2023

What Is Gutter Protection And How Does
It Work For Your Draper, UT, Home?

Why Gutter Protection Is The Solution You Need
When You Hate Cleaning Your Gutters

“I’m so excited to clean my gutters,” said no Draper, UT, homeowner ever. While it’s one of the most dreaded tasks around the house, it still has to be done. Not keeping your gutters clean can severely damage your foundation, roof, and landscape. One great way to reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning is to have gutter protection installed.

When you install gutter protection, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in debris buildup – resulting in less time spent on the ladder cleaning out your gutters. We’ll explain what gutter protection is and how it works, so you can see all the benefits it will offer for you and your Salt Lake County home.

What Is Leaf Protection?

Loosely defined, a gutter guard is any device that can be installed over your gutters to prevent the entry of problematic debris, such as leaves and twigs. While it may seem counterproductive to cover your gutters, as they’re supposed to collect rain and move it away from your home, they’re perfectly designed to allow only the entry of water.

The Basics Of How Gutter Protection Works

Gutter guards are installed over the tops of your gutters to stop the entry of all harmful debris that can lead to clogs, including leaves and twigs. While it’s not 100% foolproof, it will dramatically reduce the buildup of this debris, which means you’ll spend less time on the ladder cleaning out your seamless gutters.

There are two primary types of gutter protection – screens and helmets. A gutter guard screen is made of mesh wire or perforated metal that easily allows the entrance of water. The only downside is that its design can also allow for the entry of smaller debris, which can, over time, develop into a clog.

Helmet-style gutter protection features a solid cover that runs the length of the gutter system. As the water runs across the helmet, it is drawn back into the gutter, and debris is sent tumbling to the ground. 

With its installation, gutter protection will keep your home safe from unnecessary water damage caused by overflowing gutters. Unfortunately, many Draper, UT, homeowners don’t realize how damaging water can be until it’s much too late.

The Benefits Of Gutter Protection

If you’re on the fence about adding rain gutter protection to your home, consider all the benefits you’ll enjoy before deciding. From reduced maintenance to increased home value, gutter protection can do a lot for your Salt Lake County home.

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

If you’re not one to clean your own gutters and would rather hire a professional instead, those costs can really add up over time. It’s not a one-and-done type of job – you will continuously need to have your gutters cleaned to ensure they’re at their peak performance. Gutter protection will significantly reduce your maintenance requirements – saving you a lot of money.

A Seamless Design That Complements Your Home

Gutter protection systems are designed with aesthetics in mind. You won’t have to worry about your newly installed guards clashing with your home because they’re created to complement your roof and existing gutters. You can also select the perfect color or finish to match your exterior.

Protection Against Ice Dams In Your Gutters

In the winter, clogs in your gutters can result in water backing up and freezing. This will result in an ice dam on the roof that can spread into the gutter system. The weight of the ice can be enough to tear the gutters from the roof, causing excessive damage. In addition to reducing clogs, gutter protection can keep ice and snow out of your gutters.

Increase Your Resale Value

When planning to sell your home, gutter protection is an attractive feature that can provide more interest to potential buyers. You’ll want to opt for a professional installation to ensure you get the best visual presentation that blends well with the rest of your home.

If You Want To Cut Back On Your Draper, UT, Home’s
Gutter Maintenance, Turn To RGS Exteriors

When you’ve had enough of gutter maintenance on your Draper, UT, home, it’s time to install gutter protection. Turn to RGS Exteriors for the leading options guaranteed to make your life easier.

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