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What Is The Best Gutter System?

June 29, 2024

What Is The Best Type Of Gutters And
Gutter Protection In Pleasant Grove?

Types Of Gutter Systems To Protect Your
Home From Clogs And Pooling Water

Gutters and gutter protection in Pleasant Grove help keep your home more secure by directing water to a safe place. Gutters are not an add-on; they are a necessary part of a home that protects your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage.

But when it’s time to install new gutters and gutter protection, there are many choices. RGS Exteriors has over seven decades of experience working on houses in the Salt Lake City area, and over the years, we’ve found the best types of gutter systems.

Is A Seamed Or Seamless Gutter System Better?

This is the only category without a contest and is the choice that matters most. While shape, material, and even the downspout are more about preferences, seamless gutters are always the better choice.

Seamless gutters are superior to seamed or traditional gutters because they have fewer leaks, require less maintenance, and look amazing.

Which Material For Gutters And
Gutter Protection Works Best?

There is more than one fantastic material for your gutters. While plastic gutters are of low quality, metal gutters are usually durable and look amazing.


Aluminum gutters are known for their ability to withstand any weather condition. They are lightweight, can handle large loads of water and debris, and are relatively inexpensive.


Steel gutters are also very strong and come in a variety of colors. They are more expensive than aluminum but have quality to ensure you get a good value.


Copper gutters are very durable and have the greatest curb appeal if you want a unique look. They are extremely high-end and are resistant to denting and bending.

Is There A Best Shape For A Gutter System?

The shape of your gutter doesn’t matter as much as the material or the seams. However, these two shapes seem to outdo competitors across the board regarding function and curb appeal in the Salt Lake City area.


K-shaped gutters are the most popular. They are designed to help water pass through while blending in seamlessly with your roof and fascia. If you want a modern look, K-shape is the go-to.


Round gutters are more traditional, but they look amazing. They still function just as well and have a stunning aesthetic when made with copper, which works well with many home styles.

What Are The Ideal Shapes For A Downspout
For Your Type Of Gutter In Pleasant Grove?

The shape of your downspout matters as much as the size of your gutter, perhaps more. If it is not high quality, the downspout may be susceptible to clogs, and downspout clogs are difficult to remove.

Rain Chain

A rain chain downspout is a gorgeous type of gutter downspout that looks like little buckets or tulips on a chain. It gracefully allows water to flow down. If you want something unique, this is your best bet.


A scupper is a large outlet at the top of a gutter system that allows excess water to flow down. It is perfect for areas with heavy rain.

Custom Box

A box downspout is traditional, but did you know you can customize it? Matching your gutters to create a seamless transition is ideal.


A round gutter downspout is beautiful with round gutters. However, they can be added to existing gutters or gutters of another shape.

Which Types Of Gutter Guards Are Best?

A gutter guard or leaf guard protects your gutters from debris buildup and clogs. A good gutter guard may even completely eliminate the need for seasonal cleanings. But there is more than one amazing type of gutter guard.

Gutter Topper

The original Gutter Topper is a quality choice that can easily withstand 22” of rain per hour and stays in place through winds of up to 110 mph. This is one strong gutter guard.

The Leaf Terminator

The Leaf Terminator is a sleek choice that uses a perforated pattern to fight off debris in a low-key way. It’s also great at combatting snow and ice.

The Solution

The Solution is also an amazing option and one of the most affordable gutter guards. This guard is modern, low profile, and made of strong aluminum.

RGS Exteriors Serves Pleasant Grove With
Excellent Gutters And Gutter Protection

RGS Exteriors offers gutters and gutter protection in Pleasant Grove to help make your home safer. We have multiple styles, materials, and colors to ensure you have only quality options. Call us today at (385) 533-0024 for a free estimate.