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What To Know About Gutters

May 21, 2024

Three Actions To Take Before Installing
New Gutters & Leaf Protection

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!
Use These Helpful Tips!!

We get it – when you’re ready to replace your old gutters or install new ones…you’re ready. And more than likely, not interested in searching for the right contractor.


Beware of installing gutters or leaf protection before you know your product options, installation company, and even warranty information. Jumping the gun on this significant home improvement investment often leads to ill-fitting gutters, shoddy work, and total frustration.

With a little research and help (from the right gutter company), you can fit your house with beautiful, high-functioning gutters that last.

So, before you start your gutter and leaf protection project, keep these three things in mind…

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1. Ensure Your New Gutters Are Seamless

Big box home improvement stores and even the neighborhood handyman often connect standard-size gutter pieces to go along the edge of your roof. But piecemealing gutters together leaves them vulnerable to leaks, breakage, and eye sores.

On the other hand, seamless gutters are exactly what they sound like…seamless. They’re cut from one continuous metal coil precisely to your roof length. Using exact measurements, seamless gutters are typically fabricated on the spot…on the day.

It doesn’t get much more custom than that.

But the most beneficial part of seamless gutters is that they won’t leak…because there are no weak spots of connection for water to even leak through. Instead, they funnel rainwater out properly through the downspouts and AWAY from your home.

And this protects your home’s foundation, landscaping, patios, and anything else close to your home.

2. Know Who’s Installing Your Gutters

You might think gutter installation companies are all the same – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like with any other home improvement project, vetting your gutter company is essential to ensure you get the gutters you need and the respect you deserve.

We always recommend getting at least three quotes and consultations from various gutter companies so you get a better idea of what you have to work with. Bad gutter companies often are poor communicators, have cheap product options, and generally tell you what they’ll do before they listen to what you want.

On the other hand, great gutter companies will assess your needs, listen to and respect your concerns, and provide you with top-quality products and style options.

3. Gutter Warranties Are A Must

Not all gutters come with warranties…and most cheap gutters don’t. But ensuring your new gutters come equipped with a great warranty is vital. Gutter warranties often cover parts defects and give you peace of mind in your investment.

It’s also important to ensure your leaf protection, aka gutter guards are warranted for even more sigh-of-relief assurance.

Choosing a gutter installation company that also offers a workmanship warranty is a MUST. And excellent workmanship warranties protect your gutters from any labor-related issues.

If a nail comes loose, they’ll fix it. If a downspout gets shifted, they’ll fix it. If anything pops out of place, they’ll fix it.

Our Gutters And Leaf Protection Options Help
Safeguard Your Home In Style

At RGS Exteriors & Construction, our gutters give you the full package – functionality, beauty, and long-term peace of mind. They’re seamless. They’re stunning. And they come with excellent warranties.

Plus, they’re installed by US – a gutter company that respects your home, property, and you. And we do only detailed installations that meet our high quality standard – we use the finest craftsmanship to cut and customize your gutters for a look you won’t believe is possible.

Ready to install gutters on your Wasatch Front home with a company that works with integrity? Contact RGS Exteriors & Construction today for a free quote.