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When To Turn On Your Heat Cable System in West Jordan UT

July 10, 2023

How To Properly Use Your Heat Cable
System In West Jordan, Utah

Keeping Ice Dams Off Your
Utah Roof Takes Timing

For homeowners in West Jordan, UT one of the biggest concerns can be keeping their roofs and gutters safe.

In the hard winter months, ice and snow can become your roof’s worst enemy, which is why you need something to protect it.

Sometimes ice and snow buildup can be avoided by simply improving ventilation or adding insulation. But every home is different, and sometimes you need a little extra help.

This is where roof heating cable systems come in.

When To Use Heat Cable Systems

Installing a roof heating cable system to your Salt Lake County home can save your gutters, roof, and house. But it’s important to know how to use them so they work correctly and keep your roof and home safe.

When Snow Is Coming To Salt Lake County

We all know that West Jordan, UT, winters can be hard, but it’s important to keep an eye on the weather to know when it is time to turn to your heating cable system for help.

The best time to turn your roof heat cables on is an hour or two before the snow falls.

This gives your roof time to heat up. So when snow does come, it will melt immediately– avoiding the issue completely.

If you wait too long to turn on your roof heating cables, they might not be warm enough to melt the snow. Then, they will become overwhelmed and won’t work the way they are meant to.

To stop this from happening, keep an eye on the weather forecast. If the temperature starts falling and snow is on its way, set up your cables to melt away your worries!

When Temperature Is Below Freezing In Salt Lake County

When snow is coming, it can be easy to want to switch on your cables even when the temperature is above freezing. But it’s best to wait.

Zero degrees is way too cold and may cause your heat cable system to struggle. Temperatures just above freezing may have the same issue as well.

Temperatures should be close to or below freezing before you turn on your roof heating cable system.

Most experts say that roof heating cable systems are the most productive, between 10 to 34 degrees.

These are the temperatures where your roof is most at risk of having ice dams form on top of it, and turning on your roof heating cable system in these temperatures will allow it to work the best that it can.

When There Is Significant Snow On Your Roof

During our West Jordan, UT storms, snow can continue to pile up on your roof – even when your cables are on.

If snow is still on your roof, it is best to leave your heat cable system turned on.

Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the temperature outside and the weather. Sometimes it can change quicker than you think.

If snow is still on your roof, it is best to let the heat cable system do its job and melt it away.

Once the snow has safely melted away from your home, the temperature gets above freezing, and the snow is stopped – it’s time to turn your heat cable system off.

They have done their job!

The Benefits Of An Advanced Cable System

Here at RGS Exteriors, we know that keeping your gutters, roof, and home safe from ice dams is very important.

Installing a heat cable system to your Salt Lake County home and following these simple steps can stop large amounts of snowmelt from flowing from your roof into your gutters and refreezing.

Heat cable systems are a very good addition to other ice-melting solutions you might use. Working together with a roof snow rake, ice melt socks, and good insulation – roof heating cable systems make sure that your roof and gutters stay ice and snow free all winter long.

Whether we are preparing for a particularly crazy winter or if you have had issues with ice build-up on your roof, installing heat cables is a great step for any homeowner looking to protect their house.

If you are interested in installing a Heat Cable System in your West Jordan, UT home, reach out to us at RGS Exteriors at 801-997-6616 or sign up for a free consultation.