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Why We Pay Our Workers Extra To Slow Down

May 21, 2024

The Unexpected Benefits Of Paying
Installers For Quality – Not Speed

Our Counterintuitive Approach That Ensures
You Always Get Superior Workmanship

Speed is often considered to be more important than quality in the world of exterior home remodeling on The Wasatch Front. Some contractors pressure crews to finish projects ultra quickly – making it almost necessary for them to cut corners.

At RGS Exteriors, we take a different approach. We believe speed kills quality work, so we encourage our top-tier installers to slow down and focus on meticulous detail.

Our expectations are clear: craftsmanship comes first. Our crews undergo rigorous training to ensure they follow manufacturer recommendations to the letter.

And while demanding top-quality results keeps us out of the bottom tier of project estimates, it puts us at the absolute top in delivering value. We never let finances lower our standards – and neither should you.

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The Dangers Of Rushing

We complete every project in a timely manner – but rushing is not an option. Imagine a crew leader who’s obsessed with speed. They might:

  • Cover-up problems: Repairing underlying issues like mold or rot takes time – time some contractors can’t afford to lose – so they just hide them beneath the shiny new windows, siding, or gutters. And you won’t know until your new project begins to fail.
  • Skimp on fasteners: There’s a reason manufacturers specify where fasteners must go, how many to use, and what type they need to be. Ignoring those recommendations can save a contractor thousands over time while voiding their customers’ warranties.
  • Accept flawed designs: Skipping proper checks on design flaws can lead to structural issues requiring costly reconstruction to rectify mistakes. All contractors know this, but some refuse to risk losing a job by saying no to an insufficient fix or unsafe plan.
  • Compromise on materials: Stretching available materials thin creates work that won’t stand the test of time. Unfortunately, those willing to use cheaper materials use loopholes, waivers, and tricky language to protect them when your project fails to live up to expectations.

At RGS, we check and plan for foundational issues and include details on every material (even the fasteners) in our quotes. Plus, our materials and solutions are designed to keep your project safe, solid, and secure for decades.

Embracing Reality

Our estimators anticipate potential problems – but unforeseen issues can arise. Unlike others, we stop and address them head-on. We never cover up structural problems like mold or rot.

If unexpected material shortages occur, we swiftly acquire what’s needed. We even inform you if we discover concerns beyond the project scope, like needing new soffits alongside gutter replacements. Honesty and transparency are paramount, even if it means delays.

Rewarding Quality

Traditional pay-by-job models incentivize speed, conflicting with your expectations for high-quality work. We pay our installers significantly more per job than industry standards to combat this.

This approach reduces pressure on individual jobs and boosts installer satisfaction. Our crews take pride in knowing we value their meticulous work and reward them accordingly – leading to low turnover and a cohesive team of experienced experts committed to excellence.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Spending money on advanced training, skilled installers, and the industry’s most reliable materials is at once a simple decision and a difficult one. It requires faith that our process consistently breeds success.

Luckily, when backed by unparalleled skill, high standards are their own reward. This is never more self-evident than in the world of exterior home renovation.

The results speak for themselves – with over five generations of happy customers, glowing reviews, and galleries filled with examples of our outstanding work.

We believe in lasting value, not fleeting speed.

When we complete your exterior home remodeling project, we want it to outlast its warranty. If you want to take your Utah home to the next level and want to work with professionals who prioritize quality, contact us at RGS Exteriors for a free quote.