Five Generations

Old-School Craftsmanship, With A Modern Touch!

Five Generations – One Family

And A Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Way back in the early 1950s, our founder, T.R. Brown, set the tone for the generations to come. His experience in exterior finishes was second to none and he did everything with great care and pride. That dedication to providing Salt Lake City area homeowners with a quality product and relentless pursuit of perfection continues to this very day through his great-great-grandsons.

60-Plus Years

For over 60 years, RGS Exteriors has been serving the Salt Lake City area with exceptional products and even better installations. Our emphasis on the customer experience and our obsession with details have always served us and our local homeowners well throughout the decades. And we look forward to providing many more decades of superior service.

Family Breeds Stability

Bringing each generation into the RGS Exteriors fold has allowed us to pass our values down to each crop of eager new faces. As a family business, our values of doing one’s best in all things, taking responsibility for every action, and never breaking a promise have always guided the way we treat our customers.

While the technology and products might change, our core values never will. Providing the best value possible to our customers in an enjoyable, straightforward, and stress-free process has always been and will always be our main goal.

But our family doesn’t stop at blood. Our workers are members of our extended family, and we feel just as responsible for their well-being as we would any other family member.

With many of our key people working for the company for over 15-20 years, we truly are a company family, not just a family-owned business!

We Refuse To Accept
Accepted Norms

Layoffs and late pay are S.O.P. for most of the installation world. The income of all exterior home contractors, us included, is volatile with a feast-or-famine pattern you just wouldn’t believe.

Slow to come payments, lengthy projects, and periods of high and low activity all conspire to keep a company’s ready cash levels bouncing around worse than a politician’s promises. And all that instability means periodic layoffs and inconsistent or even missed paydays.

But not here at RGS Exteriors.

In our 60+ years of operation, we have never laid off a single individual and never failed to meet payroll on time.

If you know anything about the installation business, you’ll understand just how difficult it is to achieve that kind of record over two years, much less over six decades.

But achieve it we have and always will. There’ve been times we’ve had to move heaven and earth to make it happen, but we know that our workers depend on every paycheck arriving on time, so we are glad to do whatever is necessary to get it done.

Pay Levels

Another perceived reality of installation work is that you need to work at a frantic pace to make decent pay, as most are paid on a per-job basis.

But we know that speed kills and is especially damaging to the installation of our products. So we pay our workers well above industry standards, which lets them slow down and get the details right without impacting their pay.

The result? Happy workers, perfect installations, and customers who are and will remain happy with their renovations for at least the next generation. To us, that’s the ultimate win-win situation.

Helping Out

Most exterior home contractors expect their workers to come and go and they accept a labor force that changes constantly. They never develop a relationship with their employees because most workers are barely around long enough for the owner to learn their names.

And when an employee leaves, there are always three more willing to replace them, so why bother helping out a worker who’s in a short-term bind? It’s a reaction to a notoriously transient workforce, and they have it totally backward.

None of these guys are transient by choice – they’re just following the work and hoping to get paid on time.

We value our workers and ensure that they have the knowledge they need, stable hours, and consistent pay. In return, they stick around. And if they end up in need of a little help, we’re willing to give them a hand.

We refuse to lose a good worker just because their car broke down or some other easily solved issue cropped up. After all, they’re all family to us.

What Five Generations Of
Family Ownership Means

Along with the solid and consistent values mentioned above, generational ownership allows the hard-learned lessons to be passed down from each father to their son. Since RGS Exteriors has never had to endure a changeover to some new owner, the lessons learned through each decade haven’t been forgotten.

Certainly, each generation adjusts policy to fit new realities, but our core values will never change, and past mistakes remain today’s lessons.

And as new techniques and technology come along, we are both young enough to accept change and old enough to make certain that these changes are beneficial before we put them to use.

Respecting and learning from each previous generation has allowed us to grow steadily, plan carefully, and maintain a deep love for and connection with our local community.

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