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Meet The Team Behind The Best Exterior
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The Current Generation Of Experts
In RGS Exteriors’ Leadership

Ownership of RGS Exteriors has passed down from generation to generation, with each adding their knowledge and experience to keep the company thriving in an industry known for short-lived companies.

But the family couldn’t have achieved these 70+ years of success without the input and help of the professionals they brought into the fold and it’s no different today.

Scroll down to meet the brilliant minds that are helping us reach the next step in our evolution.

tim sr 2


Tim Sr Brown

Tim Brown Sr boasts over 50 years of experience in the renovation industry. He founded RGS Exteriors over 30 years ago, and represents the third generation of Brown family members carrying the exterior home solutions torch. He continues to be involved in the training of production staff, especially when it comes to the gutter division. Tim is a leading expert in all things gutter and his input is always valuable. On his off time, Tim can be found either floating on or searching for a nice body of water to complete his sense of relaxation.

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tim jr 2

Owner / CEO

Tim Jr Brown

Tim has never worked anywhere besides RGS, but he has held many jobs. He started as a floor sweeper, then steadily made his way up the ladder. He’s been a gutter helper, a lead gutter installer, and was eventually able to buy his way in as a partner in the company. Tim leads an active, family-oriented life full of fun on Lake Powell, world travel, and coaching football and wrestling at the local high school.

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kurt f 2

COO / V.P Of Sales

Kurt Fisher

Kurt came to us back in 2007 to help us transition from new construction to remodeling work as our first sales estimator. His work built our retail (remodel) division from almost nothing to one of our strongest divisions producing millions in sales each year. Kurt’s stellar efforts eventually earned him his current position as COO/VP of Sales. He loves to spend time in the mountains with his family, enjoying outdoor activities and improving their mountain property.

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greg f 2

VP of Production

Greg Fisher

Greg got into construction by starting his own framing company in 1990. Over the years he’s worked for everything from small construction companies to massive international firms and has worn many hats throughout his career. He came to RGS as an estimator in 2015 and very quickly worked his way up. After just four years he was a production manager in the siding department and shortly after became the V.P. of Productions. When he isn’t at work, he volunteers building stage sets for summer plays put on by the local arts council.

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ross f 2

General Manager

Ross Fisher

Ross started as one of our expert installers in 1999 and is our longest tenured employee. He was a big part of our success as we moved from being a sub-contractor gutter company into an industry leader in the exterior renovation business. His hard work and talent earned him the position of general manager, and he also acts as the production manager of our gutter division. His off time is spent enjoying life with his wife and five beautiful children.

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bob a 2

Stucco Manager

Bob Adams

Proud member of the RGS exteriors and construction team.

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kevin h

Project Manager

Kevin Hokanson

Kevin has been involved in the siding industry for over 28 years. Started his own Exterior construction business in 2009. After years of running a successful business, Kevin finally agreed to join our team in 2021 to help run our rapidly growing Siding Divisions. He enjoys all things construction, and his experience and professionalism elevates every one he works with. Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys Hunting, Fishing and anything that gets him outdoors.

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brandon s

Project Manager

Brandon Stoddard

Brandon has been in the Siding industry for 30 years, and has been working with RGS for almost 20 of them. He came to work for RGS full time in 2017. He has been integral in our growth in the Siding Division. As a field project manager, Brandon is hands on with installers and homeowners to ensure the highest quality finished product. He is great with people, and always puts the customer first. Brandon loves music, and his favorite past time is going to concerts.

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aaron w 2

Sales Manager

Aaron White

Aaron White has worked many years in the telecom industry as a sales leader and coach. He has led our sales team for 3 years straight and has been promoted to our sales manager, sales trainer. He enjoys traveling – been to 5 continents and 20 countries. He also enjoys going to RSL games with my family and spending time in the outdoors.

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lenny k

Service Manager

Lenny Knowlden

My name is Lenny Knowlden. I’ve been affiliated with RGS for almost 20 years and have been in the industry for almost 30. As s Siding and Gutter installer for most of my construction years has allowed me to transition those skills in to running the Service Dept for RGS. I am happily married with four adult kids and four grandkids so far. I am an auto enthusiast with a passion for building cars.

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quinton j 2

Shop Manager

Quinton Jaramillo

Quinton Started with RGS Exteriors shortly out of high school where he worked for the siding department and in the fabrication shop for 2 years. He then transitioned into the fabrication shop full time, and after 6 months he was promoted to shop manager and has been running the shop for the last 4 years.

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Office Administrator

Haley Brittain

Haley joined our RGS family this year. She is a motivated and hardworking member of our office team. She is a great teammate and thoughtful coworker. She is a devoted mom and wife.

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Office Administrator

Lacie Brinkerhoff

Lacie Joined our RGS family this year. She is a great coworker and employee. She is usually the first person you talk to when you call RGS, and she prides herself in delivering an uplifting and energetic experience. In her spare time you will find her traveling across the globe, enjoying the outdoors, or ‘country line dancing’ her heart out.

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Office Administrator

Taya Fisher

Taya has been with RGS for over 4 years as an office administrator. She is our main job coordinator, and is involved in many aspects of our production and office operations. She is an avid health nut, music lover, and enjoys nothing more than spending time with her animals, family and her friends.

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aaron c 2

Sales Estimator

Aaron Clough

Aaron Clough worked in the Public Safety and Uniform industry for many years. He started at RGS in March of 2021 as a sales estimator. He enjoys being outdoors and providing homeowners with ideas and solutions. He enjoys living in Utah and spending time outdoors. Most of my free time is spent with my family.

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joseph p 2

Sales Estimator

Joseph Peterson

Joseph Peterson is an established sales and marketing leader with 26 years of proven experience in the home furnishings manufacturing industry. He came to RGS Exteriors, July of 2020, to pursue his passion for home improvement and working with home owners. He has a proven track record of outstanding performance through a hands-on approach.

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brad e

Sales Estimator

Brad Evans

Brad spent over 20 years in the auto industry and has extensive management and operations experience. He joined RGS Exteriors team in June 2022 as a field sales estimator. He enjoys all things sports related, and loves to spend time with family, and when he can loves to golf.

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ron g 2

Sales Estimator

Ron Graham

Started 105 years ago in a family owned window and door business. Doing a multitude of functions from production management, contractor sales, and dealer and homeowner sales. Most recently I have spent the last 14 years as a “Project Consultant “ helping homeowners improve, repair and beautify their homes. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, especially outdoors and fishing in my boat.

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