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Gutter Blocked With Leaves In Lehi, UT

Protect Your Lehi, UT, Home With Superior Gutter Protection

Stop Blocked Gutters Before They Start And Keep Your Home Safe All Year Long

Having blocked gutters on your Lehi, UT, home can cause many severe problems. You can experience costly damage to your foundation, gutters, and fascia. When your fascia is damaged, your roof will likely be, too. You can alleviate these problems by having gutter protection installed over your gutter system to prevent the buildup of leaves and other debris.

Here at RGS Exteriors, we offer three premium gutter protection solutions that will keep you safely on the ground and off a ladder, with no need to perform routine cleanings, which are such a hassle.

Gutter Topper

Our customers love Gutter Topper because it requires little to no maintenance to keep working like a charm. It’s been independently tested and proven to keep debris and animals out of your gutters, and it comes with a lifetime performance warranty.

Gutter Topper is built to last – standing firm against hurricane-force winds of up to 110 mph and rainfall of up to 22 inches per hour. You also won’t have to worry about matching your home’s aesthetic because Gutter Topper comes in various colors.

Leaf Terminator

Leaf Terminator comes from the same people who created the Gutter Topper, so it’s clear it has quality in its nature. It’s built to withstand high winds and excessive rainfall of over one foot per hour. Snow and ice are also prevented from entering the gutter system, which is highly beneficial in protecting it from ice damage.

The Solution

The Solution is easily installed on both new and old gutter systems, ensuring that the water entering the gutters remains free-flowing at all times. It’s made of high-quality aluminum, built to last, and has a patented design that’s guaranteed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Only The Best And Nothing Less

For us at RGS Exteriors, there is no such thing as compromise, especially when it comes to the products we offer. While there are many products that customers can choose from for their projects, selecting the lowest-priced products ends up costing them more than investing in higher-quality products.

This is because these lower-priced products are often inferior and lead to fast failures. The projects ultimately need to be completed again, costing the homeowner a significant amount of money. Investing more upfront could alleviate all these problems in the long run.

That’s why we only offer superior products – however, our products are only as good as the installers working on your home. Because of this, we extensively train all our crew members to ensure they have the skills necessary to perform precision installations that meet our expectations and please our customers.


Our Commitment To Our Customers

We believe in maintaining an unwavering commitment to our customers by providing a superb experience. Our onsite project managers handle all details upfront, ensuring we take care of any unforeseen events as they arise. This allows us to be completely transparent about solving any issues.

Our complete commitment to doing a job with no cut corners ensures the homeowner is thrilled with the final product, giving us their approval. We will never leave a job that fails to meet our high expectations, which is why we feel secure when providing our 10-year workmanship warranty.

No Stone Left Unturned

When you rely on RGS Exteriors, no stone will be left unturned on your project. Every last detail will be taken care of, especially the ones you can see in the finished product, as those are often the most critical to its success.

We are obsessed with ensuring that everything is done to as near perfection as it can get. There is no option for a sloppy job or cutting corners. We want your project to last as long as possible, exceeding your warranty. Anything less is unacceptable to us.

For Superior Gutter Protection On Your Lehi, UT, Home, Turn To RGS Exteriors

Prevent damage to your Lehi, UT, home by keeping your gutters unblocked with the best-in-class gutter protection. Here at RGS Exteriors, we offer premium solutions built to last, keeping your water free-flowing at all times.

There will be no more need for risky cleaning ventures on tall ladders to keep your gutters clean. Our gutter guards are guaranteed to keep leaves, debris, and animals out, keeping your home safe from overflowing water damage.

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