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An Ogden, UT, Home With James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding Offers Durability
And Beauty For Ogden, UT, Homes

The Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting Option
That Outperforms All Others

Are you looking for a siding option for your Ogden, UT, home that’s built to stand up perfectly to our climate? Look no further than James Hardie siding. It’s beautiful, durable, and has climate-specific formulas that make it perform even better than your average fiber cement siding.

Here at RGS Exteriors, we specialize in providing our customers with this high-quality material because we know there’s nothing better to protect their homes. James Hardie cement siding is resistant to fire, pests, weather, and time, making it one of the most durable construction materials to keep your home looking great for decades.

It’s also an excellent option for those who want minimal maintenance requirements. All you’ll need to do is use your garden hose on it once or twice a year, and the siding will take care of the rest. In addition, it comes in many style and color options, allowing you to match your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

We’re At The Top Of Our Game When It Comes To Installing<
James Hardie Siding

There are those who install James Hardie siding, and then there are Elite Preferred Installers. It’s not easy becoming one of the few who have achieved this status, but we’ve consistently met all the requirements.

To ensure the highest quality installation, Elite Preferred Installers must use only James Hardie products for the entire installation, including siding, nails, trim, and vapor barrier.

The only exception that can be made is to swap the trim for metal trim – as this option performs at the same level as Hardie trim. They also have to install 45,000 board feet of siding annually.

The true defining characteristic that sets these installers apart is their willingness to have every customer surveyed by the company. These surveys must show a minimum 93% of customers willing to recommend the installer to their friends.

We’re the only installer willing to submit to these surveys because we know our results are exceptional, and we take pride in delivering a quality experience to our customers. We are the only Elite Preferred Installer in Utah.

Amazing Products Paired With Precision Installations

When you invest in new siding for your Weber County home, knowing it will last is a big deal. We understand our customers’ need to get the biggest return on their investment, whether in appearance or improved energy efficiency. That’s why we avoid cheaply made home remodeling products.

Instead, we look for premium products that are available at fair prices. That’s how we chose James Hardie siding products for our customers. It may be complicated and challenging to install, but we go the extra mile to ensure the results are perfect – and they’ll look just as good in 25 years.

However, a sound installation doesn’t stop with the best products. If they’re not installed correctly, it doesn’t matter what materials you buy – they won’t last. So, we focus on hiring and training the best crews in the industry.

We properly vet every member of our team and ensure they have what it takes to work for RGS Exteriors – friendly with an exceptional work ethic. Once hired, they undergo extensive training before being paired with a senior installer until they’re ready to work independently. But even then, their education continues.

Get A Warranty That Actually Means Something

All too often, warranties let us down. They have tricky lingo that makes it hard to get coverage when something goes wrong or, there’s a loophole that lets the company out of responsibility altogether. Of course, if the company offers shoddy workmanship, it’s unlikely they’ll provide a reliable warranty you can count on.

At RGS Exteriors, we focus on delivering exceptional quality results designed to last decades. We put all our effort and care into every project, ensuring every detail is covered. Because of this, we’re not afraid to back our work with a solid 10-year workmanship warranty.

After your siding project, if there’s a single problem because of something we did during the installation, we’ll be back to fix it. You won’t have to worry about a thing because it will be on our dime.

In addition, because we’re so selective about our products, we also have the best manufacturer’s warranties. Our James Hardie siding is covered for up to 40 years.

For Maximum Durability And Exceptional Beauty,
Trust RGS Exteriors To Install James Hardie
Siding On Your Ogden, UT, Home

Don’t settle for cheaply made products for your Ogden, UT, home. Trust RGS Exteriors with a premium James Hardie siding installation.

We follow all manufacturer’s guidelines, except when we exceed them, ensuring you get only the best results from our precision workmanship. We want you to have the best experience on your project from start to finish.

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