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A South Jordan, UT, Multi-Family Home With Blue James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Is The
Best Siding For South Jordan, UT

Choose A Siding Material That’s Built To Last
And Stands Up To Our Harsh Climate

Are you seeking the best siding material for your South Jordan, UT, home? James Hardie fiber cement siding offers durability and beauty and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking great. And with expert installation from a team of local professionals, you can rest assured knowing that it will last for years.

You can feel good about choosing James Hardie plank siding because the company has made being green a primary focus. Their siding is completely recyclable and is constructed with sustainable and recycled materials.

So, if you’re looking for a sustainable option.

When you choose James Hardie fiber cement siding, you’re getting a product that stands up to the extreme weather of South Jordan, UT. High winds, heavy rains, snow, and even hail storms are no match for your new siding.

We’re An Elite Preferred Installer

When choosing a James Hardie siding company in Salt Lake County, there’s an important distinction to make. Some are “Preferred Installers,” and then there’s RGS Exteriors – Utah’s only Elite Preferred Installer.

While the two may sound similar, there’s a significant difference.

Preferred installers are required to use James Hardie siding, nails, and caulk. Then, they must install at least 45,000 board feet of siding James Hardie in one year.

They’re not required to use James Hardie trim, which is exceptionally durable compared to most installers’ standard, cheap trim. The cheaper trim doesn’t meet the expectations set for the siding – a fact rarely divulged to the customer.

Using the wrong trim exposes homeowners to problems not covered under warranty.

On the other hand, as an Elite Preferred Installer, we must use all James Hardie siding products. This includes vapor barrier, nails, siding, and trim throughout the project. However, an exception can be made on the trim where metal trim is substituted, as it has the same low-maintenance properties as James Hardie siding.

Sure, we also meet the 45,000 board feet of installations each year, but the real difference is we’ve agreed to have all our previous siding work surveyed by James Hardie. To make the cut, 93% of those customers must be willing to recommend us – and we passed with flying colors.

No Detail Goes Unnoticed

When installing James Hardie siding, we follow all the directions to the letter – and there are many. Although this siding comes with a 130-page manual of guidelines, our installers are trained to slow down and pay attention to the most minor details.

Other companies have built a reputation for speeding from one project to the next, causing them to miss crucial steps in your siding installation. Unfortunately, they’re usually aware their work is poor – they simply don’t care.

So, when considering James Hardie siding installers in South Jordan, UT, turn to RGS Exteriors, where no detail is too small for us to notice.

Exceptional Warranties To Back Superior Service

Replacing James Hardie siding is a significant investment in your home. Because of this, you’ll want to find the best warranties to back your service and materials, and RGS Exteriors has the best of both worlds.

We’re confident that our work is exceptional, and we aren’t afraid to stand behind it. That’s why we offer every customer a ten-year warranty. If we do anything that causes a problem with your James Hardie fiber cement siding installation, we’ll be back to fix it at no cost for the first ten years following the project’s completion.

In addition, we’ve chosen materials from manufacturers who genuinely believe in their products. Because of this, our James Hardie fiber cement siding comes with warranty coverage of up to 50 years.

For The Best James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Installation
In South Jordan, UT, Turn To RGS Exteriors

When you need James Hardie siding in South Jordan, UT, there’s one clear choice to make – RGS Exteriors. As the only Elite Preferred Installer in the state, you’re guaranteed exceptional service and precision installation.

Get a low-maintenance siding solution that’s more durable than all the alternatives and will look great for decades.

Call RGS Exteriors today at (801) 997–6616 to schedule a free consultation.

We service South Jordan, UT, and the surrounding areas.

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