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Most exterior home remodeling companies working along the Wasatch Front don’t have a true office, much less a showroom.

Well, in true RGS fashion, we decided to not only build a 700 sq ft showroom but to remodel our entire building using only the products we sell. Before you even enter our doors, you can view the many styles of fiber cement siding, stucco, and stone we install throughout Utah’s communities.

And speaking of doors, we sell the ones you’ll be walking through, too. Besides the flooring, nearly everything you will see and touch can be installed on your home. And yes, the ceilings, too.

Feel free to pop by during office hours (M-F 8am – 5pm) to look at, feel, and ask about everything you see.

Custom Metalwork That Must Be Seen To Be Believed


The master craftsmen in our custom metalworking shop know how to bring out the lines of any exterior. Using steel, copper, or powder-coated aluminum, they turn their talents toward adding that final touch to any home remodeling project.

Whether creating a custom soffit, fascia, half-round gutters, or another design element, they have the knowledge and skill to pull it off perfectly.

James Hardie’s Many Looks


It can be difficult to picture how a multi-dimensional product like James Hardie fiber cement siding will look from a sample book. So, our main office is clad in many available styles, and you can find more samples of James Hardie’s many colors and styles – including custom colors.

We’ve also used both visible and non-visible fasteners to put the siding in place, so you can decide which method you’d like us to use. You must make many decisions when you go with Hardie siding, so we’ve tried to have all the options right there at your fingertips.

Metal Siding Has Come A LONG Way


This isn’t the metal siding of old but the new, durable, and beautiful metal siding offered by today’s manufacturers. You’ll find examples of the many available looks and styles both on our main building and within and without our showroom.

Gone are the days of thin, fragile metal siding. You’ll find that the metal cladding available today is far more durable and can hold up to the worst nature has to offer.

Make Your Mark With A Custom Entryway


As you walk through our showroom, it’s well worth your while to take a look above your head. What you’ll see is what we can install on any open-air ceiling outside your house. You’ll be shocked to see what a custom ceiling with discrete lighting over your entryway can do for the look of your home.

We’ve even done a few porch ceilings using nothing but copper, which is a positively stunning way to top off your remodel.

Don’t Hide Your Gutters – Show Them Off!


Outside our showroom, you’ll find our seamless half-round gutter systems. These beautiful gutter systems bring old-world charm to any home and can be finished with rounded downspouts or an all-copper rain chain for an extra touch of flair.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll see why trying to hide your gutters may just be a lost opportunity.

There’s More To Windows And Doors Than You Think


While we sell all the windows and doors you’ll see in our showroom, there’s another reason to take a close look at each one. We’ve used various trim materials and methods around each window and door so you can find one that best fits your vision.

Do you want it to be thick or thin? Contrasting or understated? One trip around our showroom and you’ll know which way you want to go.

Why Build Such A Large Showroom?

We’ve found that having a showroom where our clients can walk through and see and touch the elements they pick greatly enhances the design process. Instead of struggling to paint a picture in your head, you can just take a few steps and see your choices in action.

When you can see exactly what the options look like when installed, your uncertainty quickly morphs into a firm decision.

While our beautiful renditions of each proposed remodel do a great job of stoking your imagination, there’s nothing quite like seeing things in real life to make you feel confident in your choices.

Our Showroom Is Open To Everyone

While we do take appointments, they aren’t required. Our staff is always on hand to answer your questions and show you around, and you’ll soon notice that everyone you encounter really knows their stuff.

So, if you find yourself in the West Jordan area or are just curious about what we offer, drop in for a visit or contact us to schedule an appointment!

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