Why James Hardie?

Old-School Craftsmanship, With A Modern Touch!

James Hardie Siding Is Unmatched In Utah
For Beauty And Durability

And Our Meticulous Installation Crews
Ensure It Lasts For Decades

Fiber cement siding was invented back in the 1970s by James Hardie, and they’ve never stopped innovating. They dominate the market not because they were the first but because they were, and continue to be, the best.

James Hardie is dedicated to giving homeowners unequaled value for every dollar they spend. Their fiber cement siding is more than a product – it’s a system. A system engineered all the way down to manufacturing a new type of nail to better hold the system in place.

And what a system it is!

Here are just a handful of the reasons that you should choose James Hardie for your fiber cement siding.

Options Galore
Muliple Styles Of Siding Wasatch Front Rgs Exteriors

James Hardie offers a wide variety of colors, textures, styles, and types of siding to Utah homeowners. And if you can’t settle on one set of choices, that’s fine because mixing looks is one of the best features of using James Hardie siding.

You can use vertical panels on most of your home and use staggered edge shingles to make architectural details pop. You can mix colors, shapes, and textures to make your home a true one-off build that stands out in your neighborhood.

Unrivaled Technology

James Hardie has constantly been improving their fiber cement siding ever since they invented it back in the 1970s.

Today’s siding is stronger than ever and comes as part of a system designed to make James Hardie the last siding purchase you’ll ever have to make for your home. They even sell different formulas to different parts of the country based on the prevailing climate, called Hardie Zones.

For Utah, they offer HZ5 siding designed to shrug off the extreme temperature changes we experience throughout the year.

But their advancements aren’t just in the strength of their product.

Their ColorTrue technology bakes the color into each panel for a deep hue that virtually ignores the effects of UV radiation from the sun. And since they can set colors order by

For strong, beautiful, colorful siding that ignores extreme weather, James Hardie fiber cement siding installed by an approved contractor just can’t be beat for strong, beautiful, and colorful siding that ignores extreme weather.

Zero-Stress Ownership
Happy couple in front of their newly renovated home

Unlike most siding products, James Hardie siding needs very little maintenance. One or two days a year wielding a garden hose is the full extent of your duties as a responsible homeowner.

Compare that to finding the right balance between softness and scrubbing action for the brush you’ll need to clean your vinyl siding or the intense level of activities needed to maintain wood shingles, and you’ll have to agree that you’ve made the right choice.

And with the colors baked into the slats, you’ll never have to contend with repainting your home to maintain your warranty, unlike most other available siding products.

Nor will you have to worry about lines and lines of prohibitions that can affect your warranty. James Hardie siding is essentially self-sustaining and designed to easily handle the situations that would automatically void other siding warranties.


Granted, vinyl siding is not a tempting meal for insects and vermin, but it does offer an ideal space for setting up shop. Wood siding, of course, is a veritable buffet to anything that likes to munch on organic material.

James Hardie siding, however, is unpalatable to even the most desperately hungry pests and their installation methods block all access to the open spaces behind the panels.

Even woodpeckers shy away from James Hardie fiber cement siding. In short, using this siding will eliminate any pest issues you may have had with other siding products.

Unbeatable Durability

Let’s start with a standard 30-year warranty that doesn’t depreciate over time. That alone speaks volumes about James Hardie’s faith in their siding system.

But let’s add in the fact that their boards are virtually impervious to fire, have survived hurricanes with almost zero damage, and have coloring that won’t fade no matter how much sun it gets.

These boards are proof against almost anything nature or time can throw their way.

Expert Installation

James Hardie’s siding systems are tightly engineered and require a full understanding of their massive 130-page installation manual, so only approved James Hardie installers should ever attempt the process.

All of our installation crews have received extensive training from James Hardie and engage in continuing education for a full day each month. We even have our own facility dedicated to nothing but honing the skills of our installers and training new arrivals.

We know James Hardie inside and out and have worked with them since the beginning. If you want your James Hardie fiber cement siding installed with precision, we’re the contractor to get it done.