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Superior Custom Soffit & Fascia
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Custom Manufactured For Long-Lasting
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We get it.

Few parts of your Utah home are less interesting than your soffit and fascia, yet they can wreak havoc on your roof if they aren’t working properly.

What do we mean by “working”?

Well, your soffit needs to be well ventilated to keep moisture from collecting in your roof system. Too much moisture can lead to mold and wood rot which can move quickly once it takes hold.

Your fascia acts as a support for the drip edge of your roof as well as an anchor for your gutters. Not a terribly glamorous task, but important all the same. If your fascia starts to rot, they lose their ability to support weight. Worse, that rot will eventually move into the rest of your roof structure.

So, while soffit and fascia aren’t an exciting subject, they need just as much care and attention as the rest of your roof system.

When Good Soffit And Fascia Go Bad

You’d be shocked by the number of homes that have either no vents in their soffit or the vents have been painted over so many times that the vent holes are all but gone.

Either situation virtually guarantees moisture problems in the roof and results from poor maintenance practices. It’s hard to maintain something you never think about, so almost everyone fails to give their soffit and fascia the attention they require.

We’ve also found fascia with the wood rot simply painted over, as though the homeowner thought that they had no function other than looking pretty – from a distance.

It’s out of sight, out of mind engineering at its finest.

Another common issue is metal soffit and fascia sheathing that gets rippled over time, making them unattractive. This is the result of manufacturers using metal that is too thin to hold its shape for more than a few years.

Luckily, we don’t have to use that substandard material for our soffit and fascia installations.

Why not?

Because we custom manufacture them ourselves right here in our metal manufacturing facility.

After all, why let manufacturer limitations force our customers to accept anything less than the best?

Superior Materials

Instead of relying on the industry norm of thin and flimsy premade soffit and fascia materials, we make them all ourselves.

The metal we use is 40% thicker than anything you can find on the open market. This more robust material will hold its shape for decades, with none of the sagging, warping, or rippling found on older homes throughout the Wasatch Front.

Perfect Performance

Since we produce our soffit in-house, we can place venting in each sheet where it will create the best possible airflow. We can even take in aesthetic considerations and shape our materials accordingly.

The main benefits of our custom manufactured soffit and fascia are:

  • No Sagging
  • No Rippling
  • Smooth Fascia
  • Perfect Vent Placement
  • No Painting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Decades Of Life

Once we have installed your new soffit and fascia, you’ll never need to worry about them again.

Zero-Stress Process

One thing that sets us apart from most Wasatch Front exterior home solutions contractors is our customer-focused process.

We treat each customer as a well-respected partner in their home project from the first call to the final walkthrough after the project is complete.

Our consultants are trained to listen first and ensure that they understand your needs and goals before offering their solutions. At no point will they use any dishonest sales tactics like today-only discounts.

Their sole job is to listen and give you enough information to make an educated decision that fits your home, family, and budget. And we don’t expect you to decide right away. Our quotes are good for at least 30 days.

Once you’ve decided to move ahead with your project, we will get right to work ordering or manufacturing the products you’ve chosen for your project.

We will keep in constant contact with you, informing you of each completed step leading to installation day. If we encounter a delay, we will let you know right away.

Custom Fit To Your Home

Since we manufacture our soffit and fascia, we can size the pieces for a custom fit to your home.

Such customization can eliminate the need to include seams, making for a smoother look and a more structurally sound installation.

This process also allows you to choose from several colors to best match the rest of your home. These colors will never fade, saving you the trouble of having to re-paint your soffit or fascia for decades.

Creating Unexpected Beauty

Our experience with self-manufacturing our sheet metal products has allowed us to branch out into creating truly beautiful features for area homes.

We’ve covered porch ceilings with textured aluminum, copper sheeting, gorgeous hardwood planks, and even James Hardie fiber cement tiles. Any one of these options will make your home stand out amongst the crowd.

With your imagination and our master craftsmen, we can turn your soffit and fascia from simple features with an important task into true works of art.

Utah’s Top Installers

Each of our crews works exclusively on one product.

Every one of our installation crews is made up of highly-trained specialists. You’ll never see our window installers hanging siding or a gutter crew installing replacement windows.

This level of focus is absolutely not the industry standard, which is why our installers are second to none. Each crew member is an expert on what they do, but we don’t stop there.

We hold monthly training sessions with all of our crews to go over new products and techniques and review any small issues from the previous month that need ironing out.

We believe that training never ends. Change is a constant in our industry, and you can either keep up or get left behind, and we refuse to be left behind.

Besides installation techniques, we also use these meetings to reinforce our expectations for customer interaction and work area standards. Every person, from the owner to our cleaning crews, know that they must:

  • Never cut corners
  • Follow manufacturer recommendations to the letter
  • Always maintain personal hygiene
  • Treat everyone they meet with respect
  • Use courteous language at all times
  • Keep a tidy work area at all times
  • Clean up the worksite at the end of each day
  • Leave their work area cleaner than when they arrived

Every project we do, from small to large, begins and ends with relationships. So, we do our best to ensure that those relationships are as friendly and stress-free as possible.

Unbeatable Warranty

Warranties can be tricky things. Some are way too short, while others speak of decades, while the small print makes them all but useless within the first few years.

We’ve always considered warranties a measure of a company’s faith in their product. The shorter the term or the more the loopholes, the less trust they have in what they are selling.

That’s why the products we install come with at least 15-Year warranties, with our top products extending that out to Lifetime Warranties.

That’s also why we back our workmanship for ten years.

No caveats.

No depreciation.

Just full coverage against mistakes made during the installation process.

We have extraordinary faith in our products, and the crews that install them, which is unmatched by any Wasatch Front area contractor.

Superior Custom Soffit & Fascia

Custom manufacturing and installation of long-lasting soffit and fascia for your Utah home.

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