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After 70 Years, You Just Know

May 12, 2023

Over 70 Years Of Rock-Solid Stability –
No Matter What Has Come Our Way

Even When The Chips Are Down,
RGS Is Always Ready To Serve

Exterior home solutions companies along the Wasatch Front come and go every year. Some are good, some are bad, and most are earnest in their desire to offer good services. Unfortunately, good intentions can’t get you past the hard times.

At RGS Exteriors, we’ve survived over 70 years of changing financial tides, ten recessions, four major wars, and one unbelievable pandemic.

But throughout it all, not only have we survived, we’ve thrived

How do we do it? With great care.

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We Never Rob Peter To Pay Paul

Most Utah gutter and siding contractors use today’s deposit to pay for tomorrow’s home remodeling project. So many companies depend on this process that it’s essentially standard operating procedure – but not for RGS Exteriors.

We know that any hiccup in such a scenario can and will take a company down in a heartbeat. It’s a balancing act and one prone to failure. But few companies hold the capital needed to avoid such pitfalls.

At RGS, we’ve ensured from the beginning never to put ourselves in the position of chasing money already spent. Each renovation project we take on is fully funded, by us, the moment that signature hits the paper. While we do take deposits, they are more about good faith than purchasing power.

With us, every deposit sits untouched until your home siding, replacement window, or seamless gutter project is completed to your full satisfaction.

We Pay Our Workers Fairly

An unfortunate fact of working as an installer in the Utah home remodeling industry is inconsistent pay. Most contractors tie worker pay to invoice status. That means the installers don’t get paid until the homeowner pays for their project.

So, if a homeowner is unhappy with the work or simply has a downturn in their finances, it’s possible to never get paid for your work.

We’ve never felt that was right, so we don’t hold our workers hostage to the good intentions or continued success of our clients. When our industry-best installers finish a job, they get paid that week. No exceptions.

Making people with families to feed wait for their pay is, for us, never an option.

70-Plus Years And Not A Single Layoff

We’ve been through some interesting times since the early 1950s, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Foremost among them is how to grow with care.

Each step in the evolution of RGS Exteriors was carefully considered and taken only when we were 110% ready for the move.

Through this method and some luck, we’ve never had a downturn so bad that we needed to let people go – not even seasonally.

And we can’t pretend it’s because we were always a step ahead of trends.

No. It’s because we always make sure never to get ahead of ourselves. We never hire for what we hope we’ll be doing in the future – we hire for what we know we need now.

The result of these careful policies is steady work and good pay for our installers, and exceptional service and timely completions for our clients.

Things run so smoothly at RGS Exteriors that not only have we never laid anyone off – we rarely have anyone leave.

A Cohesive And Talented Team

Every person at RGS Exteriors is considered family. Our level of camaraderie and care for one another is rare in this industry and something we treasure.

For our clients, it means working with a company made of exceptionally professional individuals who form a high-functioning team geared toward making your dreams come true.

Each stage of your project is handled easily yet carefully, with those involved in the stages before and after equally invested in the outcome. This breeds unprecedented levels of communication and cooperation between each department.

In the end, you get a product designed to fit your needs completely and an installation performed with excellence as the only acceptable result.

If you want new gutters, siding, or even custom metalwork for your Wasatch Front home and want it done by the most stable contractor around, contact us at RGS Exteriors for a free quote.