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Benefits Of Replacing Your Siding
And Windows Together
In West Jordan, UT

July 19, 2022

How new windows and doors could
improve your West Jordan, UT home

Simplify Your Life By Combining These Essential Projects

Are you trying to decide between a window installation and new siding for your West Jordan, UT, home? Both projects will boost your home’s value and curb appeal while offering many excellent benefits. But which should take priority, and which should you place on the back burner?

You should consider completing these two projects simultaneously to benefit your budget and peace of mind. We know it sounds stressful, but working on these essential upgrades simultaneously can help your project run more smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know about replacing your siding and windows.

Your Contractor Can Ensure Proper Window Capping

When you have a window replacement completed on your home, the process requires the addition of a moisture barrier under the window frame to prevent water from penetrating the exterior.

There is just one problem with that – the moisture barrier extends down behind the siding. To complete a proper installation, your window replacement contractor must cut into the exterior of your home.

In most cases, the damage is only slight, but there is still a noticeable difference in the siding once the installation is complete. This difference can alter the overall aesthetic of your home and can be costly to fix.

A siding replacement done simultaneously with a window replacement can alleviate this problem completely. Your contractor can install the windows before the siding, which is the proper, recommended order. Doing this will provide you with an excellent seal around the windows and a perfectly matched-up siding that sits flush with the window frame.

Improved Energy Efficiency Throughout Your Home

If you’re like most West Jordan, UT homeowners, saving a little of your budget is top of mind. Upgrading your windows to an energy-efficient brand can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Combining both projects will boost your home’s energy-saving with upgraded protection from the elements. With new siding and windows, you can more easily keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Additionally, your contractor will turn off your HVAC during the installation process for both a window and siding replacement. Because you will only need to turn the HVAC off for one big project instead of two smaller ones, there will be less discomfort in the home.

Save Time By Bundling Services

Having two separate exterior remodeling projects completed is a big step that will take time to coordinate. Searching for a contractor on two different occasions for two distinct projects will take hours of research and work for homeowners.

You must find a contractor that does each job, vet them, and ensure they fall within your budget. Then, you must consider the time your home will be under construction.

Approaching windows and siding as two projects will dramatically increase the time your home is under construction.

When you find an exterior remodeling contractor well-versed in siding and window replacements, your search is over. The project time will generally be shorter because you will only have one company come to your home with the ability to work on both projects together.

Get A Seamless Look Across The Exterior Of Your Home

When you get a window installation, your new windows will stand out against the rest of your home – fresh, beautiful and inviting. But new windows will call attention to all of the old features of your home.

When placed against old, faded, or damaged siding, the cladding on your home will stand out more than ever. Every crack, dent, and faded color will be highlighted when set next to new windows.

A siding installation with your window replacement can create a seamless overall look. Having both installed together will significantly boost your home’s curb appeal, drawing everyone’s eye in the neighborhood – for the right reasons!

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If you need a window and siding replacement on your West Jordan, UT, home, rely on a company that can do it right.

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