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Is Your Exterior HomeContractor “Above Board”?

March 22, 2024

Do Your Homework Before You Select Your
Next SLC Area Exterior Home Remodeler

Look For These Top Signs That Your Contractor
Will Never Leave You High And Dry!

Hiring the right Utah exterior home remodeling contractor can feel like climbing Mount Everest. You need a skilled, trustworthy, and financially stable guide to help you navigate your home improvement project.

But with so many contractors in the Wasatch Front, how can you tell if they’re genuinely “above board” and won’t leave you with an unfinished project and an empty wallet?

Fear not, fellow homeowners. This blog is your guide to contractor transparency! Here is what you need to look out for:

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Licenses And Insurance = Peace Of Mind

This might seem obvious, but it’s the foundation of a legitimate siding contractor. Ensure that your contractor’s license is valid and current for your state and area of expertise.

Don’t settle for verbal assurances; ask for proof and double-check with your state’s licensing board. Additionally, ensure they carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

If something goes wrong during your siding, window, door, or gutter installation project, this protects you from financial liability for accidents or property damage.

Positive Referrals – Better Than Clever Ads

Word-of-mouth recommendations are gold. Ask friends, family, and neighbors who’ve had successful home improvement projects for recommendations. Look for contractors with a consistent track record of satisfied customers.

Online review platforms can also offer valuable insights. But be wary of suspiciously glowing reviews from anonymous sources and check for patterns in negative feedback.

Has the company been excelling at customer satisfaction for the past few years? Or is the last positive review three years old?

Transparent Pricing And Fees

A reputable contractor will be upfront about their pricing and fees. Get detailed written quotes outlining all costs, materials, labor, permits, and other potential factors. Be bold, ask questions, and clarify any ambiguities.

And be wary of contractors who offer suspiciously low quotes or avoid giving you a clear breakdown of costs. Remember, the cheapest option is rarely the best, and hidden fees can easily turn a budget-friendly project into a financial nightmare.

Solid Contracts And Long-Term Warranties

A solid contract is your shield. It should clearly outline the scope of work, timeline, payment schedule, warranties, and dispute resolution procedures. Don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand –- get it reviewed by a lawyer if necessary.

Warranties offer peace of mind, protecting you against faulty workmanship, like poorly installed doors or defective materials. Look for comprehensive the best materials and labor for a reasonable timeframe.

Clear Communication And Superb Customer Service

A good contractor is a good communicator, not just a technical expert. They should listen to your needs and concerns and answer your questions clearly – without jargon. Your contractor should keep you informed throughout the project with regular updates and progress reports.

They should also be readily available to address any issues or changes that may arise. No one likes an exterior Utah contractor who disappears after the final invoice is sent.

So, steer clear of contractors who are elusive, dismissive, or avoid your questions. Remember: clear communication is a sure sign of professionalism and respect.

Beyond The Financial Surface

While licenses and paperwork are important, sometimes you need to dig deeper. Check if your contractor has any outstanding legal judgments or liens against them. Look for online records of financial disputes or complaints filed against them.

You can even consider using business credit reports to assess their financial health. Remember that a contractor facing financial difficulties might be more likely to cut corners or leave projects unfinished.

Building Trust And Relationships

Get to know your exterior remodeling company. Understand their work ethic and ask about their team and subcontractors.

Your contractor should value your project and invest time in understanding your needs and vision. This level of mutual trust and respect goes a long way in ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome that’s good for your home and your wallet.

Trust Your Gut Instinct!

Sometimes, the best indicator is your own intuition. If something feels off about a contractor, don’t ignore it. Be wary of excessive pressure tactics, vague answers to your questions, or anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Hiring a contractor is a significant decision. By following these tips and doing your due diligence, you can ensure you choose someone who is “above board.” Someone who is financially stable and committed to delivering a high-quality project that meets your expectations and respects your budget.

So, if you’re in the Utah area and ready to start your exterior home remodeling project, contact RGS Exteriors & Construction for a free, no-pressure estimate. You’ll be glad you did!