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Should You Repair Leaky Gutters Or Replace Them?

December 13, 2022

Should Your Repair Leaky Gutters On Your Salt Lake City, UT, Home Or Replace Them?

How To Tell When Your Gutters Are Beyond Saving

Once you install gutters on your Salt Lake City, UT, home, you tend to forget about them until something comes up. When you have a leaking issue on your hands, it can lead to many other problems, so you must fix it as soon as possible.

The number one cause of leaky gutters is blockages in the system, which is entirely preventable with routine maintenance and the installation of leaf protection. Beyond this, other reasons include cracks and holes, improperly sealed or separated joints, improper slope, and loose fasteners.

When any of these problems develop, you will need to replace or repair your Utah gutters as soon as possible to prevent severe damage to your home. We’ve developed this guide to help you understand when it’s worth completing repairs and when it’s necessary to install a new gutter system.

Signs That Repair Is Enough

The first thing you should always check when you have leaky gutters is the state of the gutter – do you see any exterior damage? You are looking for signs of cracks, holes, separations, missing or damaged fasteners, places where the slope is wrong, and any other signs of physical damage that could have developed.

If you identify areas of damage, you will need to evaluate how widespread it is. If it is only one or two runs, you’ll likely be able to complete repairs by replacing the impacted area. Anything greater than this should not be considered for repair. Also, remember that if you have seamless gutters, they will no longer be seamless following repair.

If you do not find any signs of exterior damage, investigate the interior – is it blocked? If it is, you’ve likely found the culprit of your leak. Removing the leaves and debris will allow the water to flow freely in the direction it was intended to flow, preventing further leaks.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Gutters

When specific components of your gutter system begin to fail, replacing your Utah gutters becomes more cost-effective and efficient than repairing them. There are many reasons why you should replace instead of repair.

You’re Having Other Repairs Completed

There are certain repairs that almost always require your gutters to be replaced. These include replacing your roof, drip edge, and fascia. All three of these important structures are tied into your gutter system. Replacing any of these almost always makes it a guarantee that you will need new gutters.

You See Numerous Rust Spots, Cracks, Or Holes

Over time, weather can inflict severe damage on even the strongest gutter materials. Weathering can cause cracks, holes, and rust to develop, weakening gutters. You’ll probably notice small leaks at first, or they may be so minuscule that they are unnoticeable initially. Eventually, they will expand, becoming much more extensive and troublesome.

One very common problem with gutters in our Salt Lake City, UT, area is splitting from ice. Down spouts are typically the first section to fail. Homeowners will find them with split seams that cannot be repaired.

Additionally, one of the most widespread issues with persistent leaks in gutters is found in the miters or corners. It is a result of the sealant or silicon used to seal the connections failing. This failure can be caused by dirt, debris, oxidation, and decay. Regardless of the reason of failure, it becomes almost impossible to reseal or caulk the gutters.

The main issue with this is that the new sealant rarely has the tackiness required to bond with the old surface. In the end, attempts at resealing or caulking gutters becomes an unnecessary waste of money and replacement is more cost-effective.

Damaged Or Falling Fasteners

Fasteners are critical to holding your gutters on your home, so when you continuously find the screws on the ground, there’s a problem. A lot of Salt Lake City, UT, homes are failing because there are large nails used to hold their gutters in place. As the gutters age, the wood also ages and can potentially rot. When this happens, the nails start to fall out.

These nails will not go back in once they come out. The hole is now damaged and too large to hold the nail. This is also a significant indication that the wood fascia has deteriorated, either from exposure or rot.

The Gutters Are Sagging

When any part of your gutters is sagging or has an incorrect pitch, it’s not generally something that can be repaired easily. This will be a hot spot for water to collect and overflow, leading to damage in and around your home. The best solution is to replace your gutters quickly to prevent damage.

The Gutters Are Pulling Away From The Roof

If your gutters are pulling away from your roof, something more serious is going on with your home. The gutters attach to the fascia of your home. Fascia is the wooden boards that run along the length of the roof, protecting it from moisture.

When gutters continuously overflow or leak, the fascia can rot. It will also pull away from the house when it decays, leading to the gutters pulling away. This action results in the roof being exposed, which can ultimately cause you to need costly roof repairs. It can also lead to wall and ceiling damage inside the home.

There Is Denting Or Buckling In The Gutters

Tree branches and incorrectly placed ladders can lead to dents and buckling in your gutters. If you have a seamless gutter system, the best solution is to replace the entire system instead of trying to do a repair job. The alternative is sacrificing the seamless aspect.

The Bottom Line: Replacement Is The Better Option

If you have seamless gutters installed on your home and are experiencing leaks, the best solution is to have the system replaced instead of repaired. Any repairs will remove the seamless feature, making the system piecemeal. This procedure will also add potential weak spots to the gutters where the new parts are added to the old.

With new Utah gutters installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will be protected for years from damaging rainfall.

When Your Gutters Are Leaking, Rely On The Best Exterior Remodeler In Salt Lake City, UT

You must act quickly as soon as you realize you have leaky gutters on your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Having new Utah gutters installed is the best option for the longest-lasting results.

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