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The Benefits Of Chimney Covers In Riverton, UT

December 13, 2023

The Many Benefits Of Chimney Covers
For Your Home In Riverton, UT

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Are you a homeowner who has been considering a chimney cover in Riverton, UT, for your chimney?

If you own a home with a chimney, you may or may not have heard about chimney covers. Also known as chimney chase covers or top pans.

This is not to be confused with chimney caps, which is the piece you see at the very top and looks like, well, a cap.

The chimney (or chase) cover is what actually covers your chimney. There’s an opening in it to allow smoke through it. Above that opening is where the chimney cap would be installed.

These are quite often referred to as the same thing and usually installed together, but it can be important to know the difference. It’s also important to know why a chimney cover is so important.

At RGS Exteriors, we custom-build incredible chimney covers and chimney caps. We would like to share with you the benefits of having a chimney cover installed on your home in Riverton, UT.

Why You’ll Want A Chimney Cover In Riverton, UT

Your chimney cover is a piece of metal installed over the top of your chimney securely. Imagine a lid on a pot cooking on a stove. Some of these lids come with a hole in them to let steam through.

This is what your chimney cover looks like at the top of your chimney, except it’s installed not to move. Now, let’s look at some of those benefits.

Weather Protection

Your chimney system needs protection from the weather to operate correctly. Chimney covers prevent rainwater, snow, and other debris blown around by high winds from entering your chimney flue.

Water consistently entering your unprotected chimney can result in a chimney leak. These chimney leaks lead to water damage in the walls, ceilings, and floors around the chimney.

Preventing water damage to your chimney system is one of the best and main benefits of having a chimney cover.

Animal Prevention

Small animals can access your roof to find comfortable places to build a nest or make a nice little home for themselves. While that sounds cute and would make a nice animated movie, the reality can be much different.

Birds, raccoons, and even squirrels could make good use of your chimney if they’re allowed in. Other animals as well, including bats. Any of these little creatures could invade your chimney and make the space their own, including bringing food into your chimney, leaving droppings, and potentially dying inside your chimney as well.

Animals could die inside your chimney, and you may not possibly know about it until the smell finally disrupts your home or you find other pests like maggots have found their way into your home to feast on the remains.

Not so cute anymore, right?

A chimney cover can prevent those small animals from making your chimney a home and can eliminate the headache this could potentially cause.

Chimney Protection

A chimney cover also prevents other things like downdrafts and can help stop embers and sparks from exiting the chimney. Your chimney cover won’t allow those sparks and embers to shoot up and out of the top of your chimney.

In more dry climates, this can cause fires to start.

Downdrafts, on the other hand, are when the wind blows down the chimney. This can cause smoke and anything else in your chimney flue to blow back down your chimney and into your fireplace and home.

Obviously, it’s not something you’re going to want, and a chimney cover will prevent this.

Energy Efficiency

Let’s face it. A chimney is a hole in your house, and while it’s there to allow smoke to escape, it also allows cold air to enter.

A chimney cover will reduce the amount of cold air entering your home through the chimney normally and through backdrafts by a significant amount. 

Chimney Covers Installed By The Experts
At RGS Exteriors

The weather protection, energy efficiency, and everything else that comes with having a chimney cover installed will make heating your home during the winter a little less costly by reducing your energy bills.

Not only that, but it increases the overall comfort of your home.

These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by having a chimney cover installed on your chimney.

If you’re looking for a chimney cover in the Salt Lake County area, RGS Exteriors does custom metalwork and creates gorgeous chimney covers and chimney caps for your home.

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