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Tips to Help You Choose the Best Siding Color For Your Home

April 14, 2023

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Siding
Color For Your Sandy, UT, Home

How To Perfectly Match Your Home’s Aesthetic And Style

Are you considering installing James Hardie fiber cement siding for your Sandy, UT, home? Choosing the best color can be a challenge. You want the perfect match for your home’s style and aesthetic so your exterior will turn heads.

When replacing James Hardie siding, there are several factors to consider to choose the perfect color. Here at RGS Exteriors, we’ve made this guide to help make the process much easier. Read on for five tips for selecting the best siding color for your home.

1. Know Your Home’s Design

With so many home designs out there, it’s essential to know which one your home falls under. Different ones work better with specific colors. These are some of the most common designs and their best color pairings:

  • Contemporary: It’s a popular theme for contemporary-style homes to blend in with nature. This results in a natural color palette, including wood-colored siding, roofs, and accents.
  • Colonial: This home style often features lighter-colored siding with darker accents to highlight features like prominent windows. Traditional colonial homes often feature siding colors like white, beige, blue, and red.
  • Farmhouse: The farmhouse style is simplistic in nature, featuring a neutral color palette. You’ll typically see white, ivory, and gray color choices for siding, trim, and accents.
  • Craftsman: The Craftsman design focuses on natural elements, so the color pairings, such as tan or sage, are generally earth-based.

When looking for James Hardie siding, it’s essential to consider your home’s style and aesthetic before choosing your color palette.

2. Consider Other Homes In The Neighborhood

When selecting your James Hardie siding, look around your Sandy, UT, neighborhood to see what colors are trending. While you don’t want to match everyone else perfectly, you also don’t want to stand out in a bad way.

Additionally, if your James Hardie cement siding stands out too much from your neighbors’ homes, it could negatively impact the resale value of your home if you were planning on selling in the future. You will want to blend in to some degree to prevent this.

If your home is in an area that was infilled over several decades, matching the neighborhood could be difficult. You could safely choose James Hardie plank siding in a modern contemporary, neutral palette.

3. View Samples In Different Lighting

It’s important to remember the James Hardie siding products you’re considering will have slightly different appearances depending on the time of day. Because of this, you’ll want to evaluate samples of different colors with varying light levels. Just because it looks great in the middle of summer doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same in the height of winter.

Before finalizing the project with your James Hardie siding contractor, a best practice is to see if you love the siding color you’ve chosen in every light. While checking across multiple seasons is not always feasible, you can examine the colors over several days with varying weather conditions that affect the lighting.

4. Coordinate With Your Roof

When planning your siding installation project, you’ll want to consider your roof. Some housing styles significantly emphasize the roof, instantly drawing the observer’s eye. The more prominent your roof is, the greater the importance of choosing siding that complements it well.

At your in-home consultation with your Salt Lake County James Hardie siding company, you should consider your roof. For example, if you have a darker-toned roof, you may want to choose a lighter-colored siding to contrast nicely with it. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a monochromatic look, you may want to choose a siding that has low contrast.

5. Consider Current Trends

When looking for James Hardie siding installers in Salt Lake County, you’ll want to find a contractor that is up to date with all the current trends. This will allow you to choose from the most extensive assortment of color schemes.

Popular siding colors and color schemes used when installing James Hardie siding include the following:

  • Monochromatic: This color scheme provides a seamless look across your home as the colors between the siding and accents have minimal variation.
  • Bold: Many homeowners are straying from the traditional colors and opting for show-stopping bold colors.
  • High-contrast: The opposite of monochromatic, a high-contrast color scheme involves choosing two colors that greatly offset one another to create the desired effect.

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