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April 9, 2024

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How Our Unbreakable Standards Get You
The Very Best Warranties

Far too many homeowners have been let down by their Utah-based exterior home contractors. Some have ‘warranties’ that last only until the last installer disappears from sight. Others are simply unable to offer the best warranties.

Manufacturers reserve their longest-lasting warranties for contractors they KNOW will do the job right every time. And financially unstable contractors don’t have the resources to guarantee their work beyond the final walkthrough.

That’s why at RGS Exteriors & Construction, we’re thrilled to back our 70-year history with outstanding warranties that give our customers long-lasting results and peace of mind.

When you meet with your RGS Exteriors Consultant, be sure to ask how the following warranties can apply to your exterior renovation project!

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Our Famous 10-Year Workmanship Warranty

As a fifth-generation, locally-owned family business, we offer one of the most comprehensive exterior workmanship warranties in Utah. That goes for EVERYTHING we install.

Worried about near-future repairs or replacements? Don’t be! We stand behind our custom installations with a watertight 10-year warranty. If anything needs fixing, even if it’s ten years later or a small detail, it’s on us. No exceptions!

Some contractors may say they offer 10-year guarantees, but they often come in the form of prorated coverage, which means your warranty will lose value over time. Some will even discourage you from making warranty complaints by charging expensive service fees just to find out if your issue is covered.

And if any materials fail, it’s on you to contact the manufacturer and hope for the best.

Not so at RGS Exteriors.

You’ll have the same 100% coverage from day one to day 3,652. And we’ll take care of the claims process for you – working with the manufacturer to resolve your claim to ensure you don’t get lost in the process. That’s true peace of mind.

James Hardie Siding – Up To 40 Years

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence, RGS Exteriors is the ONLY Utah company to receive James Hardie’s Elite Preferred Contractor status. This means we are the only contractor in Utah that offers industry-leading James Hardie siding.

Forget painting and scraping! This incredible fiber cement siding lasts for decades. No other siding product gives you such a long lifespan with minimal maintenance.

They’re so advanced that James Hardie developed the HardieZone System that divides the United States into 10 distinct climate zones – each with its unique set of challenges.

Want an even tougher exterior?

You’d have to build your house with boulders! And even then, those rocks could shift. James Hardie siding won’t budge. And when it comes to installing it, there’s no better choice than RGS Exteriors & Construction.

As an Elite Preferred installer for James Hardie, we know their products inside and out. They even come to us for solutions to tough problems. We even helped solve a problem with a trim issue and ended up supplying our region with metal trim for James Hardie siding.

Vinyl Siding – Up To 50 Years

Vinyl siding in Utah has come a long way from the color fading and wobbly slats of the 1950s. Yet, most modern manufacturers aren’t confident enough to offer a 50-year warranty. That’s why we choose only the very best.

Our star player? Structural vinyl – the superhero of siding. It’s stronger than your average vinyl, with a thick foam backing for insulation. Plus, our metal trim is a whopping 45% thicker than what those other siding folks use.

And guess what? We didn’t just stumble upon that top-notch metal trim. We actually whipped it up ourselves. Why settle for less when you can craft something worthy of a 50-year warranty?

Replacement Windows – Double-Lifetime Warranty

At RGS Exteriors & Construction, we’re all about longevity and obsessing over the details. When we replace your windows, we WANT them to last a lifetime – two, in fact. That’s why we only install the highest-quality vinyl and triple-pane windows available.

Your new windows are not only covered by our 10-Year Workmanship Warranty. They come with a double-lifetime guarantee against defects. This warranty can be transferred to future owners of your home, which will increase its overall value!

Gutter Guard Leaf Protection – Up to Lifetime Warranty

We have over 70 years of experience dealing with all things related to gutter installation. While some Utah rain gutter contractors are fine with settling for mid-grade gutter toppers, we’ve found that many of those gutter guard systems just don’t work as well as claimed.

And they often require regular maintenance just to remain functional. So, the only acceptable solution for us is the original, ultra-vetted leaf protection system: Gutter Topper.

This gutter guard has been independently tested and certified to keep your gutters free-flowing and debris-free. The best part? It comes with a Lifetime Performance Warranty, so your gutters will remain happy and healthy for life.

Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Exterior Home Remodel

While you may feel tempted to partner with a lower-priced, less experienced Salt Lake City exterior contractor, remember where the real value lies.

If your contractor can’t offer you the best warranties in the business, you can be sure you won’t be getting top-quality products – OR peace of mind.

So why not nip future problems in the bud? Contact us for a free estimate. With over 70 years of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can count on us for exceptional warranties – and expert help with claiming them. Contact us today!