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What Damage Can Blocked Gutters Do?

December 8, 2022

What Damage Can Blocked Gutters Do To Your Salt Lake City, UT, Home?

Your Ultimate Guide To Avoiding A Disaster

We all know the inconvenience that blocked gutters can have on our homes in Salt Lake City, UT, especially when it’s time to clean them out. However, the problem goes much deeper than being a dreadful way to spend an afternoon. Blocked gutters can cause significant damage to your home, from the roof to the foundation, if they are not cleared quickly.

It’s easy to forget about them until the next rainstorm hits, which, unfortunately, is too late to prevent any related problems. Understanding exactly what blocked gutters can do to your home goes a long way toward helping to remind you to complete the routine maintenance required or to opt for preventive measures, like leaf protection.

RGS Exteriors has designed this guide for the most common damages caused by blocked gutters to help you better understand why it’s so important to avoid this situation altogether.

Damage To Your Foundation

The primary purpose of a gutter system is to divert water away from your home and its foundation. When it becomes blocked, the water can no longer freely flow to the downspouts; instead, it ends up overflowing the sides of the gutters. 

The most significant problem with this is that the water is no longer directed away from your home’s foundation and is instead headed straight for it. You might think this is a minor detail, as foundations are built to last, but with water involved, this is not the case.

Over time, repeated exposure to water can lead to the development of cracks. These are not minor cracks like those of a settling home. They are significant and can ultimately lead to a failing foundation. When your foundation fails, your home is no longer safe. 

The costs of foundation repair far outweigh maintenance or leaf protection installation costs.

The Wood Closest To The Gutter Can Rot

Overflowing blocked gutters can also cause wood to rot. Gutters are attached to your home by fascia or wooden boards along the roof’s lower edge. Fascia adds a finishing touch to your home’s appearance, but it also keeps moisture away from your roof.

As gutters are attached to the fascia, these boards experience rot first when there is a blockage. If the problem is not quickly identified and corrected, you could lose your entire gutter system.

Another problem you may face is damage to your siding. If you have wood siding, it is just as likely to rot as your fascia. The water will overflow from your gutters and run down the siding. While the siding is built to handle exposure to the elements, excess water can still cause rot.

The Fascia Can Pull Away From The House

This may be no surprise, but a blocked gutter is heavier than one that is free and clear. Add in water, and it becomes extremely heavy. This added weight can become a problem for your gutter system.

The gutters may begin to sag, and you may notice them pulling away from the house. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to it than that – this means the fascia is also pulling away. The roof is no longer fully protected if the fascia is no longer securely attached to the house.

At this point, you not only have gutter damage, but you will need to repair your fascia and potentially your roof.

The Gutters Will Eventually Weaken Or Break

Water adds a lot of extra weight to your gutters, so they’re packing on some serious pounds when they’re blocked. Consider this – one gallon of water is roughly eight pounds. So, now imagine when your gutters are full exactly how much weight they are holding.

While a gutter system is built to handle rough weather and heavy rainfall, it’s simply not designed to carry this weight. The individual parts of the gutter system will weaken and may eventually break, pulling off the home. 

When this happens, there will be no other option than to have completely new Utah gutters installed on your home

Blocked Gutters Can Leak

When gutters are blocked, they can develop weak points where they leak. This can be just as bad as overflowing because there is no control over the direction of where the water goes. Instead of being diverted away from your house and foundation, it could go directly toward them. 

The Gutters Will Attract Pests

One more significant problem with blocked gutters is the standing water that can accumulate. This water is a problem because it attracts insects, such as mosquitoes. Not only are they pesky, but they are also potentially harmful to your health. 

Additionally, termites and carpenter ants are attracted to the rotting wood created by blocked gutters. An infestation of either could be disastrous for you, creating massive structural damage to your home.

When You Need Leaf Protection For Your Salt Lake City, UT, Home’s Gutters, There’s Only One Place To Call

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