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Why An Overflowing Gutter Is More Harmful Thank You Think

May 2, 2023

Why An Overflowing Gutter Is More
Harmful Than You Think For Your
South Jordan, UT, Home

The Hidden Dangers Of Failing Gutters

The gutters on your South Jordan, UT, home are there for a particular purpose – to safely and efficiently move water away from your home so that it cannot cause damage. When your gutters don’t work right, it may not seem like such a big deal because you’re safely inside and staying dry, but they can cause severe problems.

Overflowing gutters are a strong indication that it’s time for seasonal cleaning. They’re likely clogged with dirt, debris, leaves, and sticks, causing the water to back up and flow over the top of the gutters (instead of safely away from your home).

While it may not be immediately apparent why this is such a problem, we’ll cover the hidden dangers of overflowing gutters to ensure you’re armed with the information you need to protect your home from damage. You’ll be much more likely to keep your gutters clean or install gutter protection.

Siding Damage

Properly functioning gutter systems keep rainfall and melting snow from running directly down your siding. Depending on your siding type, you can end up with a serious mess when your gutters overflow.

Excessive exposure to running water can result in vinyl siding panels fading. For painted materials, such as wood, the flowing water can cause the paint to come off the material. Eventually, this can lead to repainting or a total siding replacement for your Salt Lake County home.

If there were any defects in your siding, you could develop even worse problems as water infiltrates behind the material. When this occurs, your home will sustain significant water damage that can extend to interior walls.

Roof Damage

This might be surprising to hear, but an overflowing gutter can cause damage to your roof. As the water flows down into your gutters, it is drawn away from your roofing material. When it can’t do this effectively, it has the potential to back up underneath the shingles, causing significant damage.

When water infiltrates your roofing system, you can face problems with your decking and significant leaks. In addition, you could see signs of sagging and cracking. Ultimately, this can lead to issues with the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation Damage

Your foundation is made of concrete, which is highly absorbent, despite how solid it seems. Unfortunately, when rainwater is not effectively carried away from your South Jordan, UT, home by your seamless gutters, it can pool around your foundation, leading to significant absorption levels.

While you may not notice anything at first, eventually, this will lead to swelling and cracking in the slab. This is a severe problem that will need to be taken care of immediately. It’s also quite a bit more expensive than it would have been to address the overflowing gutters in the first place.

When your foundation is weakened by water infiltration, it can lead to severe structural integrity issues with your home. In addition, foundation problems can lead to many other problems, including cracks in your walls.

Flooding Outside And Inside Your Home

Overflowing gutters can lead to an extensive buildup of resting water in your yard. This water can cause flooding of your landscaping, walkways, and even your basement. Your property will be a dangerous place to cross with every heavy rainstorm, as you have to walk through deep-standing water.

In addition, any water that makes it inside your home can cause significant interior damage. Depending on how it enters the basement, it can lead to extensive wall damage. A deluge of water can quickly destroy anything on the floor, requiring you to spend thousands on cleanup and repairs.

Damaged Driveways And Walkways

As water builds up on your Salt Lake County property and covers areas like your driveway, the same thing that happens to your foundation will occur. The concrete will begin absorbing the water, expanding until it eventually cracks. Not only is this an eyesore for your property, but it’s also a safety hazard for your family and guests.

While concrete driveways and walkways will get rained on throughout their lifespan, backed-up water will speed up the deterioration process. Water running off the concrete is not nearly as bad as the concrete soaking in it.

Gutter Damage

Gutters overflow because they’re clogged, which means they’re bearing the weight of all that extra water and the debris blocking them up. While your gutter system is designed to transport a good amount of water during a rainstorm, it’s not built for all that weight.

Over time, you’ll notice sagging and breaking in the sections of your gutters. If you identify the problem soon enough, you may be able to repair them, but otherwise, you’ll likely need a new system installed.

Mold Formation

One of the most challenging problems to identify is mold formation. When water infiltrates your home due to overflowing gutters, you have a timeline to get everything dry. If it’s not completed within 24 to 48 hours, mold growth has likely already begun.

The problem is you may not see the mold even if it’s there. This organism enjoys a dark, damp place where it can feed on organic materials, including the paint on your walls. If you smell something musty after you’ve removed all the water, you may have a mold problem that needs attention.

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