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Easy Remodeling Financing For
All Wasatch Front Homeowners

Our Simple Process Grants Loans
That Can Fit Any Budget

One true thing about any Utah exterior home project is that waiting will likely cost you more money. If you see a problem that needs to be solved, fixing it now is always less expensive than fixing it later.

So we’ve partnered with financiers that specialize in home improvement loans to get homeowners the help they need when they need it.

An Easy Process With Fast Answers

Whenever you bring up financing, it’s usually done with a grimace. Visions of endless paperwork, ridiculous requirements, and lost time run through your head as you brace for the coming headache.

No more.

Our position within the home improvement industry and our membership in the Certified Contractors Network (CCN) gives us access to financing options you just can’t find with most exterior home contractors.

We are able to use the tremendous buying power of CCN to bring financing options to the table that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

With RGS Exterior’s financing partners, the process is fast and easy, and you’ll usually have your answer within a few minutes. Our partners are dedicated home improvement lenders who know how difficult banks can be regarding improvement loans.

In most situations, all they need to know is your credit score and that you own your home. Sometimes, they may need to ask to see a few paychecks so they can push your loan through.

These arrangements work like a credit card so that you only pay for what you use. And they can cover up to $100,000 in a single plan. If you need more, we can package multiple plans to cover your entire project.

If your situation is a bit more complex, we have amazing flexibility in our programs and can make almost any arrangement to get you the funds you need.

Most plans can include 100% financing, meaning you don’t need to reach into your pocket for the work deposit. You can start your project without removing a single dime from your bank account and use your new funds to cover every expense.

Accomplish More Than You Thought You Could

Our financing helps you in two ways.

First, it saves you from months or years of saving up to pay for the project – months or years that could double the project’s cost as damage mounts.

Second, financing allows you to pick an option that would otherwise be beyond your immediate means. Going from white aluminum gutters to copper half-round or from vinyl siding to James Hardie is often just a same-as-cash loan away.

Or, if you want new, energy-efficient windows installed with your siding but aren’t ready for the extra expense, a few minutes with our financial specialists can make it possible without ruining your budget.

Budget-Friendly Options

We have developed plans to fit the budget of any qualified homeowner. You can select from any of the following:

  • 6 Months at zero interest
  • 12 Months at zero interest
  • 18 Months at zero interest
  • 24 Months at zero interest
  • Up to 10 years at low-interest

We understand that no Utah home or business owner makes the decision to update their property lightly. So, we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that your dreams remain within reach, no matter your situation.

We’ve Even Made Your Payments Easy

Once you’ve entered into a financing agreement with our lenders, things continue to be fast and easy for you.

Time for the deposit? Hop online and release the funds.

Your next progress payment due? Hop online and release the funds.

Time to make your first re-payment? You guessed it – just hop online.

Thinking about paying your loan off early? Yup. Hop online and get it done. Plus, there are never fees for paying early.

So, to sum it all up, you can get approved for your home improvement loan in minutes, leave your bank account completely alone, and then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Financing has never been easier or more friendly to your overall budget.

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