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Don’t Let Utah’s Ever-Changing Winter Weather Ruin Your Roof And Gutters

Keep Ice Dams From Forming With
Our Advanced Heat Cable Systems

Everyone living in the Wasatch Front area knows how quickly the weather can change during the winter months. Our up and down winter temperatures seem designed to create ice dams on our roofs. And all that weight and pressure can often be more than our poor gutters can handle. They can pull away from the fascia, exposing the wood to moisture, or simply come apart and drop hundreds of pounds of ice against your siding or crash down to destroy your foliage, or worse. Luckily, our heat cable systems are here to save the day! Not all roofs are created equal. Sometimes you can solve icing problems with better insulation or increased ventilation, but not always. That’s where our heat cable systems come into play. Our heat cable systems do a fantastic job of keeping snow and ice from the edge of your roof. They can also keep your gutters and downspouts flowing no matter the season. Since our systems can hold a temperature of up to 150 degrees, snow and ice don’t stand a chance. Depending on your needs, we can install either panel or heat cable systems onto your roof.
Heat Cables
Heat cables are similar to the heat tape used on plumbing systems exposed to the elements but are more robust in design. Our commercial grade cables can be installed wherever you have a problem with ice buildup. The flexibility of the cables makes installation into your gutters and downspouts a breeze, but they are also powerful enough to keep the edge of your roof free of snow and ice.
When installed on a roof edge, the cables are laid out in a sine wave pattern, as shown in the above image. This simple pattern will keep your roof safe and sound throughout the winter months.
Heat Panels
Heat panels cover the entirety of your roof edge back to roughly 12”. These panels will keep any snow or ice from building up in that area, saving your gutters from the pressure of ice dams. The panels come in a variety of colors to blend as much as possible with the rest of your roof. We’ve covered entire roofs with heat panels in extreme settings, but those situations are rare and usually include amazing views from near the top of the Wasatch Range. The average Utah homeowner won’t need to take things to that extreme.

Additional Rooftop Snow Controls

While our heat panel systems are extremely effective, you can add snow blocks or a snow bar system to the installation to limit the movement of snow built up behind your heat panel systems. Since most problems with your home’s exterior can find their source at your roof’s edge, you can never be too careful about protecting your gutters. A full heat system with snow blocks included is your best path to preventing the most common damage winter weather can cause to your roof system.
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