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Obsessed With The Details

We Are Obsessed With The Details

From Where We Drive Our Nails To The Nails Themselves, Details Matter

Speed is a recurring theme in the installation process for most Utah exterior home renovation companies. The more quickly you finish an install, the quicker you can move on to the next home.

But when you work like that, the important things, the details, get missed. That’s why those companies can’t afford to offer real warranties and why they actively avoid following up with their customers.

They know the details matter, they know they did a poor job, but they couldn’t care less what happens to your project five or ten years down the road.

Sometimes, their customers don’t care either. They might be short-sighted landlords or people trying to sell their homes, so longevity doesn’t matter to them.

But it matters to us, and it matters to our customers. That’s why we pay our installers to slow down and sweat the small stuff.

Defining Details

When we say we are obsessed with the details, we speak of every step of the process. At no point do we accept half measures in anything we do, including:

Initial Consultation

When we first visit you at your home, we do more listening than talking. We want to find out what you seek to fix, why you feel it’s a problem, and what your goal is for the project.

We will then take a good look for ourselves to verify the source of your issue and that what you want from us will resolve it for good. We will then propose a plan of action that considers and resolves all we found and all you want from the project.

That’s why we are so focused on listening over talking. Often, those conversations expose the true source of the issue, which allows us to address it completely in our proposal. We expect every project we do to last for decades, and that can’t happen if we agree to fix only a portion of your problem.


Before we place the order for your project, we will verify all measurements and choices with the homeowner, leaving nothing to chance. When we place the order, we will order everything we need to complete the project.

If we need to custom manufacture some of the metal fittings, that will be included in the order to ensure everything is ready for installation day.


We may task our installers with taking their time to make sure no details are missed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t run a tight schedule. Every project is planned out ahead of time, with specific timeframes for each step.

After 60+ years, we have a pretty good idea of how long each step will take and plan accordingly. The result is a well-oiled machine that our customers can rely on to get the job done on time.


The materials used to install our top-end products are as important (if not more so) as the products themselves. That’s why we are so picky about the materials we use.

While we always meet the manufacturer’s recommendations, sometimes we feel it’s best to exceed them. After all, those recommendations are based on minimum acceptable tolerances and, now and again, we disagree with the level of risk those recommendations accept.

Take soffit material, for example. The best soffit material you can buy throughout the industry is, to us, way too flimsy and prone to fading.

So we’ve taken to manufacturing our own soffit and fascia material that is over 40% thicker than the best you can buy and with a coating that will never fade.

From metal fittings on down to the nails and sealant we use, we choose to use only the best materials we can find – or build.


Installation is the make-or-break point of all projects. The best products in the world can fail in under five years if installed improperly.

So we follow installation guidelines to the letter except when we exceed them.

We also give our crews the time they need to ensure no details are missed. And we train those crews constantly, even giving up two days per month just for training.

In the end, they all become experts at installing their products, and they care deeply about the quality of their work.

That caring includes issues they might find during teardown, like wood rot, mold or water damage. Whenever one of our crew members finds hidden issues in your home, your project manager will check it out and present a solution.

What will never happen is us covering up that problem to keep to our schedule. We’d rather get a little backed up than cover up something that will cause our customers trouble down the road.

The Walkthrough

At the end of every project, your project manager performs a final walkthrough to look for problems. Unlike other companies where the final walkthrough is more show than inspection, our walkthroughs are thorough.

Even if the customer is satisfied, the project is not done if the project manager is unhappy. They will verify that each step of the installation was done properly and that there are no defects in the product that may have slipped past the installers.

And if they do find a problem, it will be resolved right then and there.


We know that perfection is a permanent goal requiring constant re-evaluation of our products and methods. So, after each project has been completed and our customer has had some time to enjoy their revitalized home, we contact them with some follow-up questions.

Their answers to these questions help improve our service and often make it into our monthly training sessions.

It’s this process that caused us to stop using certain products and eventually settle on the products that we feel offer the best value to our customers.

We feel that the follow-up call is one of the most important steps in the entire renovation process.

For Us, No Detail Is Too Small

Every step of the way, our eyes are focused on the details. The success of every project depends on the things you can no longer see once it’s finished, so they need to be as close to perfect as humanly possible every single time.

From the questions we ask during the initial consultation, to the products themselves, to the nails we use to hold them in place, nothing can be overlooked if we want the project to last.

And we absolutely want every project to outstrip its warranties by years. Anything less is a failure, and accepting failure just isn’t in our DNA.

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