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RGS Exteriors – A Family Story

70+ Years Serving Homeowners
Along The Wasatch Front

The first service that the family founders of RGS Exteriors offered Wasatch Front homeowners was weatherstripping and caulking services. This quickly grew into a rain gutter business, which remains one of our most popular services to this day.

As the company was passed from father to son and then again, guttering was their staple product.

But, as the next generation to take on the family business got older, success led to college educations which led to the exploration of new possibilities.

The fourth generation of the family, fueled by their college-level understanding of the business world, decided it was time to offer more services to the homeowners who have supported them all these years.

But they weren’t reckless in these efforts – far from it.

Each new product line on offer first went through a rigorous period of experimentation and research until they determined the best manufacturer to work with and the best procedures for its installation. We allowed our reps to sell the new product only after that process was complete.

And that process continues today as RGS Exteriors searches for the best partners and policies to bring new products to the homeowners of the Wasatch Front.

Shifting Focus

For nearly 30 years, RGS Exteriors did most of their work on new construction projects but had slowly but surely shifted focus to the world of home renovation.

While there is no easier setting in which to do exterior work than during initial construction, servicing older homes allows for a greater sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of helping homeowners improve their lives.

Now, most of the work is in the exterior home renovation industry, and we couldn’t be happier.

New Friends

As we grew, we knew that there were still lessons out there that we could learn. So we joined the Certified Contractor Network (CCN) to further our knowledge. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We learned from some of the largest contracting companies in the nation, who did in one month what we did in a year. It was a tremendous jump, allowing us to avoid many of the mistakes that smaller companies make on their way to the top.

This association with true champions of the contracting world allowed us to create the stress-free build process that our clients now enjoy.

Pressure-free first visits, smooth ordering systems, and the well-oiled machine that is our installation department all exist courtesy of what we learned working with the experts at CCN.

That isn’t to say that we didn’t have those things before, but when most companies go from small to big, a lot of the niceties get lost in the shuffle. And that’s why most of them eventually fail.

We were lucky enough to foresee the risk and take action to make sure it didn’t happen to us (and our clients) as we grew.

Looking Forward

RGS Exteriors has grown to be the best exterior home solutions contractor in the Wasatch Front area, but we aren’t done growing – not by a long shot.

We introduce new products every one or two years, but only after the product has proven itself to us, we’ve made ourselves experts on the subject, and our crews are fully trained on the new materials.

That slow, careful growth is why we’ve lasted seven decades and counting. It’s also why we’ve never had to trim back our 10-Year Everything Guarantee on our work.

When you have true experts overseeing the installation, and you know every product is the best available, a ten-year workmanship guarantee isn’t the least bit risky – though you’ll never find a local contractor willing to match it.

Soon, we’ll be announcing new products to our list of services, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll know them inside and out. That’s just our way – we demand excellence at every level in everything we do.

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