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Down To The Type Of Nails We Use,
No Detail Is Beneath Our Notice

When it comes to installing our products, we know the best investment we can make is in the training of our crews.

It starts with hiring driven individuals with a love for the craft and the attention to detail needed to ensure nothing gets missed.

Then, experienced or not, we send them to school to learn the RGS Exteriors way and to forget the bad habits they picked up working for our competitors.

Even with a great product, if it’s installed poorly, you’ve wasted your money. That’s why here at RGS, we place a high priority on the knowledge and skills of our craftsmen. We believe in keeping the education flowing through monthly training sessions, on-site mentoring by project managers, and even field visits from our manufacturer reps to ensure we are covering and reinforcing our dedication to quality installations.

You won’t find more highly educated, knowledgeable, and motivated crews anywhere in Utah, and we intend to ensure that is always how things stand.

Always Respectful

Part of the training we put our installers through is about treating our customers and their homes with the utmost respect.

You will never deal with trucks on your lawn, materials spread all over, harsh language, or even loud music while your siding is going up.

Our installers show up on time, ready to work, and looking like the clean-cut workers that they are.

They know to keep their work areas neat and clean up at the end of each day, which includes making certain to find and remove stray nails that may have fallen to the ground during the process.

They also know to protect your foliage as they install your siding.

Simply put, our workers know they are on your property, as guests, and to act accordingly.

Detail Obsessed

Long before they reach your home, our installers have been taught every step of the installation process for your product and have learned to respect the importance of the small details within those manuals.

They refuse to accept anything but their absolute best from themselves, which starts with sweating the small stuff. If the foundation isn’t right, then the entire project is doomed to fail early, and that is simply not acceptable to anyone in our company.

Our crews have a single goal – to give each customer a perfect installation that looks fantastic and will last them for decades to come.

Zero-Stress Process

We keep you informed every step of the way so that installation day can go as smoothly as possible.

The siding materials will come to your home first and be placed in an area of your choosing. All will be neatly stacked and safely stored to prevent any problems.

Our installation crew will show up on time and start preparing the work area and taking all actions necessary to protect your foliage and features around the perimeter of your home.

Removing old material will be done as neatly as possible, with most of the mess moving directly to a dumpster instead of piling up in your yard.

Once everything is removed, they will go straight into installing your new siding.

If the project needs additional days, the work area will be cleaned up at the end of each workday, with the materials stacked and out of your way each night.

Once the job is finished, the entire area will be cleaned up and returned to the same condition it was in (or better) when our crew arrived.

Quality Assured

Throughout the process, our project managers will check on the progress of your project and inspect the work of the installers. If they notice a problem, it will be resolved on the spot.

After the project is finished, they will perform a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are satisfied with the results. If either of you notices an issue, your project won’t be considered complete until it has been solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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