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Everything Means… Everything

May 16, 2023

Our 10-Year “Everything Guarantee” Means Exactly
What It Says. No Loopholes. No Games.

And With The Talent And Products We
Offer Daily, There’s No Risk Involved

While it’s true that every Utah contractor is obligated to offer at least a one-year workmanship guarantee, nobody says how useful it has to be. They can use any number of loopholes and escape clauses to minimize their liability and leave you out in the cold, no matter who’s at fault.

But that way of doing things has never been the RGS way.

Our 10-Year Everything Guarantee is exactly what it claims – our promise to take care of absolutely any failure with our work over the next decade.

Major or minor, cheap or expensive, if the problem is our fault, we make it right. Full stop.

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Nothing But Pure Peace Of Mind

There are many ways to get around liability if that’s your goal. Some of the more popular methods are:

  • Prorated Coverage – multi-year guarantees don’t mean much if they lose value over time.
  • Charge Service Fees – when it takes over $150 to find out if your issue is covered, you’re less likely to make a warranty complaint.
  • Slow Response Times – it can take months for a technician to come inspect your issue.
  • Manufacturer Defect Claims – if the material fails, you’re made to contact the manufacturer and hope they’ll accept your claim.

Now, the above methods are 100% legal, and some would even argue that they’re ethical – but not anyone who works at RGS Exteriors.

We give you the same level of coverage (100%) for all ten years. And if you call, we don’t charge you to come out and take a look. And we get there in under two weeks, faster if it’s an emergency.

From day one to day 3,652 (assuming two leap years), you get to enjoy total peace of mind. And, truth to tell, so do we.

We Make It Fast And Easy

Unlike most Utah exterior home contractors, we maintain Project Managers to oversee our builds from beginning to end – and beyond.

So, if you encounter a problem after your project has been completed, you’ll likely be dealing with a familiar face. And our PMs take their jobs seriously, especially warranty work.

Unlike most exterior home remodeling contractors, we consider warranty calls especially important. If we’ve let someone down, we want to fix it as quickly as possible, and if their product has a defect, we want to start that process right away.

And you don’t need to worry about dealing with the manufacturer – we do that for you. With our familiarity with the vendor and the product, it simply doesn’t make sense to make you navigate the warranty process on your own.

So, we make the calls, we deal with the inspections, and we install the replacement pieces… all free of charge.

We’re Not Brave – We’re Picky

Other members of the Utah exterior home solutions industry think we’re nuts to offer a full decade of coverage. We get it. If we operated like most in this industry, we would be crazy to make such a promise.

But we don’t.

We don’t sell junk.

We don’t take shortcuts.

We don’t skimp on materials.

We don’t pick untested products.

So, when we offer our 10-Year Everything Guarantee, that’s not us sticking our necks out. That’s us giving you our least expectations.

If you need new seamless gutters, siding, replacement windows, or more for your Wasatch Front home and want them installed by the very best, contact us at RGS Exteriors for a free estimate.