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Get First-Prize Home Siding

June 7, 2024

Get “First-Prize” Home Siding &
And Top-Tier Remodeling

You’re Always A Winner
With RGS Exteriors

When you need home siding along the Wasatch Front, you can’t beat working with RGS Exteriors. We are the area’s premier exterior home renovator.


In part because we offer:

But most of all, it’s because we sell only the finest home siding solutions. Whether you choose premium vinyl, fiber cement, or masonry siding, you’ll be tickled pink by the outcome.

When you work with us, you automatically win First Prize.

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It’s No Accident That Our Work And
Our Products Are The Best

When it comes to home siding, quality matters.

Low-performance siding simply can’t withstand extreme weather. Inferior vinyl panels get blown off by high winds. Cheap masonry crumbles under constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

We simply don’t feel right providing our clients with products that don’t last. We want you to enjoy – and show off – our work for decades. That’s why we always insist on the best.

The products we install are rugged, durable, attractive, and water-resistant. They come in various styles and feature generous warranties.

What can you expect from the products we sell? In a word: Quality.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is, indeed, made of cement that is reinforced by flexible, organic fibers.

James Hardie is so intimately associated with fiber cement siding that the product is often referred to as “Hardie plank.”

At RGS Exteriors, we highly recommend this product to our customers. It needs little maintenance, resists heat, weather, and sound, and lasts a lifetime. It even comes in different formulations, so you can find one designed specifically for our climate.

It truly lives up to our exacting standards. One of our core values is to always do what’s right and to refuse to compromise on quality. This product makes it easy to do that. Every time we install James Hardie siding on as home, it further bolsters our reputation for providing exceptional products and exceptional installation.

Premium Vinyl Siding

Low-quality vinyl siding can fade under the glare of the sun. It can leak and cause extensive property damage. It doesn’t last, and it often needs a lot of care.

We won’t sell anything like that.

We are in this for the long haul. We’ve been able to serve the area for seven decades because we deliver exceptional results.

And we intend to continue delivering quality work and products for many decades more.

Our bestselling vinyl siding is made of “structural vinyl.” The reason we are happy to sell this product is its quality.

Quite frankly, it makes us look good, and it aligns with our core value of only offering or using the best products.

Backed by insulated foam, it reduces heat loss and, thanks to our metal fabricators, features metal trim that’s nearly 50% thicker than that used by our competitors.

It withstands hail, sleet, snow, high winds, and harsh sunlight with ease.

Masonry Accents

Some homeowners prefer the natural look of stone, stucco, or brick. Even though these are not as common, we want to provide masonry customers with the best possible solutions.

We couldn’t be sure of that if we sent you to an outside masonry contractor. That’s why we keep experienced craftsmen on the payroll. We can make certain you get expert results.

Stone is gorgeous and lasts forever. Brick reduces noise, needs little care, and resists fire, pests, and weather. Stucco is endlessly versatile and will take any shape or style you can imagine.

While many exterior home contractors avoid what they see as the ‘hassle’ of dealing in stone, brick, and stucco, we see it as a chance for our creativity to shine.

If you seek an exterior remodeling company that specializes in “first prize” level siding and installation, contact RGS Exteriors today and request a free quote.